Elementary’s Bittersweet Third Season

Sherlock, Joan, Andrew, Kitty - Elementary

At the end of the second season of Elementary there was a seismic shift for the characters. Mycroft went into permanent hiding. Holmes and Watson were at odds and parted ways as Joan moved out of the Brownstone. For the viewer, it was hard to imagine what direction the show would take in season three.

We are now 14 episodes into the third season, and wow, what a ride! For me, these first 14 episodes have been extremely bittersweet. It is hard to imagine what they will throw at us next in the approximately 9-10 remaining episodes, but I am eager to find out!


Kitty - Elementary

I will admit that at first I was not thrilled with the new character introduced in the beginning of season 3, Kitty. I did adopt a wait and see attitude, because my experience has shown that as a new character is introduced it takes time to get used to them and see how they are integrated into the show. For me, there has only ever been one new character introduction that I had a violently negative reaction to. For the record, I never got over it, and try to not think about it. Even my family knows better than to speak of it.

Anyway, as the season progressed, Kitty did indeed grow on me, and I started to very much enjoy her interactions with the other characters. I felt she added something positive to the team dynamic, such as it was at the time. So it came as a very shocking and saddening turn of events when she left! Even considering the circumstances, which made her departure necessary, I still wish she had not left. This was my first bitter moment of the season. But, on the bright side at least she is still alive, which means there is always the possibility for her to return at some point!

Holmes and Watson

Sherlock Holmes - Elementary

Next we have the issue of having Watson working with Holmes, which was on the top of my list of wants for this show, since at the beginning of the third season they were not even in touch. Watson had her own place and her own new consulting detective gig, and Holmes was nowhere to be seen. Until, that is, he emerged from under a sensory deprivation helmet. Classic Holmes!

As the season progressed, Holmes insinuated his way into Joan’s work with a persistence only he could sustain. But, the more he did that, the more we began to see the old rhythms return, and the more effective Holmes and Watson became. Yes, he irritated Watson, but then again, that is what he does. It is through that irritation that their unique partnership sparkles! For me, seeing them working together was certainly the sweet point of the season thus far.

Joan and Andrew

Joan and Andrew - Elementary

Joan’s new life allowed her to make an attempt at a normal life, with an ongoing relationship. We did not see all that much of Andrew, but he was a nice guy. As much as he protested to the contrary, Holmes did try to break up the relationship. Despite that, Andrew and Joan really did make a cute couple. But, of course, in the end Holmes was right that Watson was really not going to be able to sustain a relationship with him since she was not capable of having a permanent relationship. The shocker came as she was breaking up with him, only to have him die in her arms after being accidentally poisoned in an attempt on her life. For me this was a very bitter pill to swallow.


As happy as I am to see Watson move back into the Brownstone, and as happy as I am to see Watson and Holmes back together again as a team, it is extremely bittersweet for me when I consider the fallout necessary to bring this result to fruition. I would have been happy to have Kitty join the team permanently, and was ok with Joan and her relationship with Andrew. The one thing I do not want to see is a romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson, but I am not really worried that will happen because I think the writers understand what is at stake with such a move.

I am looking forward to the remainder of the season, and wonder what new twists the writers have in store for us. It does seem like Moriarity will be making a return, which should be lots of fun, so I am looking forward to that. How do you feel about season three of Elementary? What were the first 14 episodes like for you, and how do you feel about the upcoming episodes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!