The Blacklist “The Kenyon Family” Review (Season 2, Episode 12)

The Blacklist - Season 2

In tonight’s episode of The Blacklist, the focus was on a particular creepy cult known as The Church of the Shield; and like most cults it had a leader who used the words of the bible, interpreting them – no perverting them in this case – to his own benefit as well as those of the other men of the cult.

Justin Kenyon (guest star Stephen Bogardus) was nothing more than a dirty old man following a path of depravity by allowing all of the men of the cult to have three wives; no matter the girl’s age. Seeing him almost marry a little girl who could not have been more than maybe 10 or 11 years of age with a congregation of over 50 people witnessing just turned my stomach. But that’s a cult for you, right?

Watching as something horrible happened to all of those people inside that locked church, without actually seeing what really happened, well, it leaves a lot to the imagination. But to see the aftermath of what happened to all of them, once Liz Keen (series lead Megan Boone), Donald Ressler (series regular Diego Klattenhoff), local cop Meryl Starkweather (guest star Mary B. McCann) and a group of heavily armed cops and agents found the bloodied remains of 53 people, in short, it was gross!

It would seem The Church of the Shield has a mighty pissed off enemy; an enemy that didn’t use one single bullet to inflict those massive injuries. And, who did that enemy turn out to be: The Watchers, a group of boys who were “chosen” by the cult when they were between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age to go on a “Walk-about”. These boys would be taken to the mountain and basically abandoned there by cult leader Kenyon, allowing the mountain to take them since too many boys were being born within the cult and not enough girls to go around. How can any group of people just discard a little kid like that? (and that’s coming from someone who isn’t particular fond of children.) It’s just wrong!

So, it’s no wonder that the Watchers would storm the castle (so to speak) to bring down the King and show him who is more powerful. Leading the cause was David Kenyon (guest star Eric Nelsen), the abandoned son of cult leader Kenyon himself. He masterminded the attack on the church, the mass murder of all those members and the kidnapping of all the girls except for one who was found by Ressler.

While I get it that the boys were simply living out the code they had been taught their entire lives, not knowing any better of course, it was still very disturbing to not only see how they were living, how they had to live to survive really, but also to learn that David would use little kids, who were placed inside of vans filled with explosives, to further inflict pain on the outside word; well, it’s just so much senseless cruelty and death, it’s almost hard to swallow how disturbing it all was.

Elsewhere in the story, there was a little bit of levity provided by the conversations that Red (series lead James Spader) had with DMV worker, relative pain in Red’s ass, but all around blood hound Glen Carter (guest star Clark Middleton), as Red hunted down the location of the safe in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m not really sure where all of that will lead, especially given the business card that was found inside the safe containing nothing more than a phone number that led to a blind exchange and a strange gravelly voiced man on the other end of the line. Listening to Red say, “Who the hell is this?” may not have been a drop your mouth to the floor moment, but considering that he always seems to know where the end game is going, but not knowing this time, makes the situation all that more mysterious.

And speaking of mysterious: what is up with that old car stored under the church at the cult’s compound? It was clearly marked with the POTUS seal on the side of the door, but what could be inside that briefcase that Red took out of the trunk? How did he know it was there? Was that the real reason he wanted Liz to look into Justin Kenyon’s disappearance? Does that briefcase have anything to do with the safe in St. Petersburg or the mystery guy on the end of that phone call? Or is there something else entirely going on. So many questions and so few answers. Let’s just hope that the reveals start coming soon, right?

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And remember the next new episode of the second season of ‘The Blacklist’ will air on Thursday, February 26 at 9/8c on NBC.