The 100 “Resurrection” Review (Season 2 Episode 13)

Over the course of its run, The 100 has established itself as a show where danger is not only ever-present, it’s a real threat. So many characters have met brutal, undignified ends, that you take notice every time someone runs the risk of perishing. So when Maya is used to blackmail Jasper, or when Kane ends up pinned beneath a huge pile of rocks, the uncertainty of the outcome makes episodes like “Resurrection” all the more tense and foreboding.

Because this is a show where our heroes are willing to let a missile hit their own people to keep the strategic high ground. The end of last week’s episode was another shocking moments in a long line of darker choices from Clarke. Fortunately, this week addressed that by having Lexa help pull her back from falling too far into the darkness. This world is still new to Clarke, and she’s had a difficult time distinguishing the necessary hard choices from her own personal beliefs. It’s something Lexa is well-versed in, and she helped Clarke work through her feelings after killing the sniper.

Speaking of the sniper, the whole idea that one dude was pinning down the survivors for so long was a bit ridiculous. For a few hours is one thing, but he was pulling off shots deep into the next morning. Even if Mount Weather was a military base, did they really give this one sniper a near-infinite amount of ammo to keep the survivors in place? What was his exit strategy, just wait there until everyone was dead?

Still, it served the story well enough, giving Abby a chance to talk out her frustrations about Clarke and Octavia the opportunity to prove her worth to the grounders in Indra’s absence. I’ve said it before, but it’s been great watching Octavia take control of her own destiny this season, especially given that she spent the majority of her childhood hiding under a floor.

This season has been all about these big changes, something that was further evidenced by Jasper leading the defensive charge on Level 5. Not only has Jasper gone from the lovable goofball to strong leader, but he’s now willing to get his hands as dirty as anyone else, taking a fire ax to several Mountain Men before forcing their retreat. It’s a bit worrisome, as he doesn’t seem to be handling this transition as well as other characters, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

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