Supernatural “The Executioner’s Song” Review (Season 10 Episode 14)

Supernatural The Executioners Song Season 10 Episode 14 09

In this episode of Supernatural, called “The Executioner’s Song,” Dean and Cain meet up for the ultimate battle.

Before I get to the rest of my review, I just have to put this out there: Is it just me or is Timothy Omundson getting hotter and hotter the longer his hair and beard grows? I mean I had a serious crush on him when he was on Psych and I’m not usually one to like long hair and beards, but DAMN.

Okay, now back to my review.

I didn’t think that Dean and Cain would have a showdown this quickly, but now that it’s over, I see that it was something that needed to happen. We could have waited around forever, wondering if Cas was going to find Cain, if there was some miracle cure out there than involved the original bearer of the Blade. Dean was right all along: The cure for the Mark was never going to be found in Cain, but boy, did he go through a lot to get there.

Dean of course had to blame himself for the fact that Cain had gotten all stirred up after they met. Cain decided it was his job to clear the world of his entire progeny, whether they had actually become killers or not. He was feeding the Mark by taking 1 in 10 of all of his descendants and Sam, Dean and Cas couldn’t let him get away with that.

Finding Cain was more than just about saving the latest victim on Cain’s list. Sam and I think even Cas and Crowley, hoped that perhaps they would find some solution when they found Cain. They knew that Dean had to face him, but maybe there was a chance he would not only come out alive, but somehow better. The reality was far worse.

Cain’s speech about Dean living his life in reverse really rattled me. He detailed how Dean would kill each of the people in his life and how each one would tear him apart. First Dean would kill Crowley and though he would have mixed feelings, he would get it done. Then he would kill Castiel, which would hurt him “something awful.” But Sam’s death would push him over the edge to the point where he would turn into the savage that Cain had become. It was a possibility I’ve wondered about, but didn’t want to face, just like Dean himself.

In the end, Dean had to kill Cain and stop his rampage. He managed to walk out of the room with his sanity and not like a feral dog as I feared. In fact, the first act he made once he came out made me realize how hard he is still fighting. Dean didn’t give the Blade back to Crowley and while there’s no doubt it’s a good idea seeing as he’s still the King of Hell, I have to wonder if he also did it for another reason.

Between Dean betraying him and his mother’s words, I think we’re about to see Crowley turn back into a BAMF. It’s a move that will also keep Crowley and Dean farther apart. Whatever tenuous friendship they had may have just been ripped to shreds and that may have been Dean’s way of trying to avoid the first murder that Cain predicted. The farther apart he and Crowley are, the less likely Dean is to kill him, right?

Even with that small attempt at control though, it was clear in the final moments that Dean is still in trouble and that Sam and Cas know it.

My favorite bits:

Cain showing up in that cell. Whoa.

The fact that Dean knew it was Cain before anyone else.

That demon thinking for one second that Cas was going to let him get away.

Crowley holding court, while playing video games on his phone. Talk about a modern-day demon.

Rowena peeking around the column to give her son suggestions about how to run his court.

Cain picking up that Dean wasn’t well.

The way Cas dropped his blade the second Cain said he was coming after Dean. You do NOT threaten Dean in front of Cas.

Really digging the music during the scene between Crowley and Rowena. It was spookingly beautiful. Perfect for a relationship like theirs.

Dean taking the blame for Cain’s current rampage. That is so like him.

Sam: “Wielding the Blade against Cain himself. Win or lose, you may never come back from that fight.”

Crowley dropping everything to answer Dean’s call. I still giggle every time I see “Not Moose” on his phone.

The fact that the only thing that Cas’ powers did against Cain was ruffle his magnificent hair a bit.

Dean asking them to kill “whatever” came out from the battle between him and Cain. Yikes.

Dean’s little smile as he walked up the stairs to fight Cain. Was he seriously trying to reassure them he was okay?

Cain grabbing the Blade. Oh, boy.

Cain’s speech about how Dean would kill first Crowley, then Cas and Sam. Wow.

Dean cutting off Cain’s arm. Well, that was one way to get the Blade back.

Dean begging Cain to not make him kill him, and then the way Cain dropped his head, like it was a relief to finally get it over with.

Dean’s face after he killed Cain. That ended me.

Dean handing the Blade to Cas and the way Cas walked over to Dean’s side when he did it.

Sam catching Dean before he could fall.

Dean’s face after he walked away from Sam and Cas.

Cas: “Sam?”
Sam: “Cas, Dean’s in trouble.”

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Whose story surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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