Stalker “Fun and Games” Review Season 1 Episode 17

Stalker Fun and Games Episode 17 04

On the latest episode of “Stalker,” the situation with Beth finally came to a head- but not to an end, unfortunately, in an episode that was anything but “Fun and Games.” We started out with Ray and Perry invading Beth’s home outright, but this was predictably a fake-out, as it was a mere nightmare. Meanwhile, Amanda was revealed to not be either kidnapped or dead, but instead in the hospital, with no memory of her attacker- not that Beth needed any to know who had done it.

Beth told Amanda the whole story, including many details we didn’t know until now, either, like the fact that Beth had rejected Ray early on and he had gone on to date her sister, who didn’t listen when she warned her off of him. Further, even her parents liked Ray, and approved his dating both girls. She also stated that she didn’t buy it for a minute that Ray had set that fire intending to “rescue” her family and play the hero- he was intending to kill them from the start. (This was further proven by the fact that Ray himself told Perry they should target her new “family” on the last episode.)

Unfortunately, Perry’s family had gone back to being uncooperative, choosing to send out a PI (Jamie McShane, “Murder in the First”) instead to track him down. Well, he succeeded in finding the hotel in question and was about to take Perry out of play after even Perry admitted he was in over his head when Ray returned and promptly killed the PI and knocked Perry out, ultimately tying him up and taking him with him as they hit the road. Before that, he’d also assaulted another man and abducted Tracy, Beth’s best friend, who was also tied up and knocked out and put in Ray’s trunk.

Ray sent flowers to Beth as well, which the team used to track down Ray and Perry’s hotel, but naturally, they were gone by then, with only the dead PI left behind. By this time, Beth was taken off the case officially and ordered back home by her temporary replacement, the FBI specialist Vicky Gregg (Mira Sorvino), who took the lead on the case in her stead. Beth warns Vicky that Ray may well kill Tracy if cornered and that she thinks he wants to expose their past to the world, forcing her to admit who she really is, which is to say Michelle, a woman who lost her entire family to this lunatic- something Beth isn’t too thrilled about doing, understandably.

Meanwhile, Ray heads to a junkyard with special significance to him and Beth, which the cops use to track him down with an assist from Beth, who realizes that he’s referring to a detour they took when they got lost on their first date and directs them accordingly. She then heads home, with Ben and some police protection in tow, as the FBI team heads to the junkyard, with Jack and Janice along for the ride. While they’re en route, Ray frees Perry, who then discovers that he has Tracy as well. Having second thoughts about all this, Perry helps her escape, but Ray gives chase and catches her, and everyone squares off, with Perry coming out on the losing end, as Ray ultimately kills him, which is what I figured was eventually going to happen.

Surprisingly, though, he lets Tracy live and puts her in the trunk of the same kind of car that he and Beth were in on their first date and hightails it out of there, with Perry’s dead body in his own trunk. The FBI finds Tracy shortly thereafter, alive and reasonably well and let Beth know. Unfortunately, the whole affair was a distraction to throw the cops off of Ray’s trail, so that he could head back to Beth’s place, which he does. Next thing you know, he’s killed one of the guards assigned to protect Beth, donned his uniform, then simply knocks on the door. When Ben answers, Ray shoots him, and then goes after Beth, knocking her out and taking her with him as he hits the road once more. As Beth’s team rushes back, they find Ben and call an ambulance, but no Beth. We end with Beth waking up in Ray’s trunk, en route to who knows where, as she turns on a flashlight to find a dead Perry there in the trunk with her, and we fade to black.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I was about 50/50 right. I figured that Ray would ultimately kill Perry, and I predicted a few episodes back that I didn’t think Ben was going to fare well in Ray’s quest to eliminate Beth’s “family,” but I was wrong in thinking he’d kill Tracy and kidnap Amanda and/or Jack’s son, Ethan. I also thought for sure that Beth would get the better of Ray in the end, but I figured there was a good chance they would end the episode before she had a chance to, and end on a cliffhanger of some kind, which also proved right.

So, I wasn’t completely off in my predictions, but I was wrong about some things and right about others, so it was sort of a draw. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the possibility that this might well be the end of the show, period, which would totally suck. Being as how CBS stopped short of a full season of episodes at 17, there might be a better chance of them ordering a few more to bring the show to a full season, and at least complete the storyline at hand than outright renewing the show for another season altogether.

I could live with that, as long as it means completing the Ray plotline. Obviously, it would be better if the show were renewed, but I’ll take a resolution over yet another show leaving me hanging because it was cancelled before the storyline was completed any day of the week. That sort of thing has happened to me one too many times, and I’m a little sick of it, to be honest. I just don’t get why networks don’t allow shows a chance to wrap things up by letting them know they’re not going to be picking them up for another season ahead of time, rather than stringing them along and giving them hope it could still happen. I would rather a show be outright cancelled early on than to allow it to get to a cliffhanger non-conclusion without any hope of a resolution. But maybe that’s just me.

What did you think of the last episode of “Stalker”? Will you be upset if that’s how CBS leaves it? Would you rather the show be renewed or simply given a few more episodes to wrap things up? What do you predict will happen next? Will Beth get the best of Ray? Or will the team come to her rescue? What did you think of Mira Sorvino’s role? Sound off below, and- knock on wood- hopefully, I’ll see you in the future if the show is renewed and/or given a few more episodes to resolve the plotline at hand!