Pretty Little Liars “Pretty Isn’t the Point” Review Season 5 Episode 20


On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” it seemed like we were going to get yet another transitional episode before the show dumped a whole lot of info on us at practically the last minute that basically changed everything we only thought we knew. I mean, anyone who said they saw all that coming is truly lying through their teeth better than any of the liars on this show- and that’s saying something.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: I wanted to believe that Mona wasn’t dead plenty of times, and wouldn’t have believed it for a second if they hadn’t shown her body, but the fact that they did show it says to me it was because they wanted the audience to know she was, in fact, dead and that it wasn’t a ruse. (I did read one batsh*t crazy theory that Mona wasn’t dead because that was her twin and that they pulled a switch from the books and made Mona the one with a twin instead of Ali, but that can’t possibly be true, right?)

To wit, Mike said that he caught Mona with an unusually large stock of blood in her room, which was her own. Mona claimed to have made a deal with “A” to frame Ali for her own murder, which she would simulate using said blood, splattering it all over the house so that it only looked like she was dead. However, she hadn’t been in touch with Mike since, and he was convinced she had been double-crossed and killed for real. The blood he had was Mona’s and he claims to have saved it as a memento of her- until sister Aria broke it, that was.

Further, he said that Cyrus was told by “A” to get Ali out of town the night of the murder so she couldn’t have done it. I’ve always maintained that Ali didn’t kill Mona, and that she wasn’t “A,” as we know from flashbacks that “A” tormented her as well- and this was before Mona went all “A” on the girls, if you’ll recall. Others have been trying to make a case for Andrew, but I think he’s a big red herring meant to throw us off. However, the hooded figure we see in Mike’s room at the end was holding a wrench that looked suspiciously like the one Spencer handed to Jonny earlier in the episode- might he be a minion of “A”? (I seriously doubt he’s “A” himself.)

Cyrus is another possibility, or Cece, or my longstanding guess, Melissa, but, as ever, nothing is concrete. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, that was a serious download of intriguing information to mull over, to be sure, even if it came at the tail end, after a mostly uneventful episode.

To briefly recap:

Jonny saw his art that he painted on Hollis School on display at a local art gallery and freaked, eventually going back to steal it back after hours, with an assist from Spencer. He got busted by officer Toby, but Spencer’s mom bailed him out before giving him the boot from the guest house. Spencer only got a pass because it was Toby who found them and let her go, but they are not in a happy place, to say the least. Not helping matters: Jonny kissed Spencer at one point.

In my favorite disposable plotline of the evening, Hanna enlisted Emily to teach her a dance routine that would wow the pageant judges. This led to a series of dance montages that culminated in an epic anger-faced Hanna near-krumping after she got wind that her arch-rival and stepsister Kate Randall was also entering the competition. This proved to not be true in the end, but it didn’t stop Hanna from near self-destructing on the dance floor, in front of Nan Zabrinsky, a coach she hired. All set to the dulcet tones of everyone’s favorite romantic song of the moment, “Bang Bang,” which features the lines, and I do quote: “Kitten so good/It’s dripping on wood”- which just screams ABC Family, right? Not pageant material, my foot- if anything that was my kind of pageant material, and then some.

Either way, watching this felt like someone had gotten hold of my dream journal again and said: hey, we should totally do that! “Reality is wrong, dreams are for real,” indeed. I honestly want a never-ending gif of that last bit in front of Nan playing in a constant loop that I can access at any time and use to count Hanna’s cray-cray dance moves like sheep until I pass out in bliss. So good I didn’t want it to end. Don’t judge me! (Almost as amusing: the revelation that Hanna was busted wolfing down toothpaste at a fat camp as a kid- the look on Caleb’s face- and her justification: it was minty! LMFAO.)

Emily met Talia’s husband Eddie, and had second thoughts about her relationship with Talia, even though Eddie did confirm he knew all about her and was fine with it. Although he did refer to her as his wife’s “experiment” and implied that they would always be together because this thing with Emily was basically just a phase. She later confronted Talia about it, and it didn’t end well. She also offered to enter the pageant on Hanna’s behalf after the coach praised her talents after dismissing Hanna’s.

That was about it, but it was enough. The big revelation with Mike was totally worth the wait- especially since it offers the faintest glimmer of hope that Mona might be alive after all. I doubt it, but at least we got another choice flashback out of it. And again, that dance routine! So awesome. I now want all “Pretty Little Liars” eps to include mandatory dance montages, stat. Get on it, people!

What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? Were you also floored by the Mona revelation? Happy to see her crop up again? Did you enjoy seeing Hanna and Emily shaking their groove things? Are you ready for “PLL 2: Electric Bugaloo”? You know you want it! Sound off below on this and more- and if you speak Italian and know what Jonny said, let me know in the comments below. See you next week!

Update: One of my readers informed me that Jonny’s Italian comment is translated as: “He who loves, trusts.” This manages to come off as suprisingly apt and snarky, which in turn make me both respect Jonny more (he’s not wrong, after all, and Toby is being a handful) while still being actively annoyed by him for almost getting Spencer arrested again- twice. Thanks to Deb for the translation!