Person of Interest “Q&A” Review (Season 4 Episode 15)

Person of Interest Q A Season 4 Episode 15 02

This week on Person of Interest, Samaritan is up to its old tricks. While in the midst of trying to solve the newest number from the machine, Finch runs into a former acquaintance. It wouldn’t be right to call her a friend. Claire was the former person of interest who got tangled up in Samaritan’s nautilus game and rebuffed all of Finch’s attempts to help her. From the second she came back, I suspected she was up to no good.

The last number leads Finch and Reese to a software designer named Anna Mueller. Reese takes a “side job” to provide security to the computer company, which has a program that’s a creepier version of Siri named Val. This creates a funny moment when Reese has to do a security scan of Finch and declares, “No weapons. Mild to moderate freakiness.”

As per usual, they initially jump to the wrong conclusion and Reese thinks that someone is threatening Anna. It turns out that she also has a side gig – as an amateur MMA fighter. Reese figures out that Anna is earning extra money because she takes care of her sick sister. It’s an interesting twist, but it was also kind of funny considering how soft the Mueller looked compared to her ripped competitor. It made me think that with all the great guests the show usually gets, they should’ve tried to get Ronda Rousey for the role.

Finch gets distracted when he sees one of the old nautilus game clues, which leads him to Claire. Just as she’s about to tell him what’s going on, a sniper shoots her in the shoulder. This is the first red flag that she’s not who she seems. If there was truly a Samaritan sniper intent on bringing her down, he wouldn’t have hit her in the most innocuous place possible. He would’ve shot her in the head. Yes, that would’ve been a quick end to the story. And as we know from the shootout in the department store earlier in the season, Decima operatives have lousy aim.

Fortunately, Finch is on his guard and doesn’t take Claire to Team Machine’s lair. She claims to have stolen source code from Samaritan. She says she wants to kill Samaritan, which would be awesome if she wasn’t a total liar. I am so ready for Team Machine to go on the offensive.

Meanwhile, Reese teams up with Fusco to protect Anna from unknown assailants. Anna figured out that there is a glitch with Val that manipulates users, rather than providing hem with appropriate information. So when a user types in that he needs help to prevent a suicide, instead of sending him to a hotline, Val tells him how many pills to take. Sounds like a woman after Samaritan’s heart. Given that someone has already tried to kidnap Anna, I would have thought that Reese would put some kind of guard on the sick sister. His failure to do so was a total rookie error.

Ultimately, we see what a fool Claire is. She thinks that Samaritan is some beneficent being. She also thinks that Finch would join with Samaritan. I am glad that they didn’t let Decima capture Finch again. We’ve already done that storyline, so it was perfect when Root showed up.

We’re more than half way through the season and Team Machine has been on the run this entire time. I hope that this is going to turn around before the end of the season. Having an entire year with Team Machine tucking its tail between its legs would be really depressing. It’s also the antithesis of how Carter would be taking care of business. I miss her (at least we have Empire).