NCIS “Cabin Fever” Review (Season 12 Episode 15)

NCIS Cabin Fever Season 12 Episode 15 02

In this episode of NCIS, called “Cabin Fever,” Gibbs takes Fornell on a retreat to help the grieving, but it’s the second half of his plan that does the trick.

That Gibbs, he’s one brilliantly sneaky guy. First he managed to trick Fornell into going to that cabin and then he tricked Sergei, too.

Gibbs and Fornell have both played the blame game since Diane’s death. They both wanted to say they were the ones who got Diane killed, but it was a game that neither of them would ever win. The truth is if Sergei wanted Diane dead he was going to do it no matter what.

But we did learn the specifics of why Fornell was beating himself up. He and Diane had a fight right before she died and he was tearing himself up because he never called her back after she left a loving message. It’s one of those nightmarish things you hope will never happen, that a moment of anger will be the last thing a loved one hears from you. If Gibbs was more of a spiritual man, perhaps he would have told Fornell that Diane did knew how much Fornell loved her because she was there watching them. But he went with the more practical approach, which was that Diane knew because she just did. People have fights all the time, but they know there’s still love there.

Once Fornell came to terms with his grief and forgave himself just a little bit, he was ready to go home. But that’s when the second half of Gibbs’ plan kicked in. Apparently Gibbs figured that the best way to help Fornell was to let him gun down the man who took Diane away from both of them.

With that, the story of Sergei ended. Even the secret between Ellie and Jake is no longer a secret, though I suspect we might see repercussions of that later. I was worried that Jake could end up in danger, but now I’m just worried that we’re destined to see him and Ellie’s marital problems forever. I was happy that Ellie was introduced to the group already married. I had gotten so tired of the relationship drama within the team dynamic and I figured that would be a good way to nip it in the bud. Yet now it looks like the drama has just moved to another area and I don’t know how I feel about that at this point. Watching Ellie and Jake’s marital issues isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

My favorite bits:

Fornell’s face when Gibbs walked away at the police station. I really think he wanted to ask for help right then, but didn’t know how.

Tony telling Gibbs that he was too close to the case. Whoa.

Emily asking Gibbs to help her dad. Loved the hug before she walked out. For such a tough guy, Gibbs is one heck of a hugger.

McGee pointing out that there wasn’t a level of Hell below where Gibbs was at that moment. I truly believe that.

Vance ordering Fornell and Gibbs to his office like a dad calling his kids in to be disciplined.

Gibbs deciding to leave his team to help Fornell.

Gibbs asking Vance to trust him.

Fornell: “Holy Jeremiah Johnson. Are you kidding me?!”

Gibbs offering to join Fornell on his slow-motion suicide. Yikes.

The entire conversation between the team and Gibbs, while he was chopping wood. Best sit-rep ever. Fornell barfing in the background was icing on the cake.

Tony: “Boss, is that you choking or are you choking someone?”

Knowing Gibbs was in for a punch the moment he accused Fornell of embarrassing the badge.

Gibbs: “That all you got, Alice?”

Gibbs and Fornell finally smiling when they caught a fish.

The team realizing that Sergei was Ari’s half-brother. Holy cow!

Fornell playing Diane’s message for Gibbs. So heartbreaking.

Thinking Sergei was kind of an idiot to have that whole dialogue with Fornell and yet not assume that Gibbs was probably coming up behind him.

The way Gibbs and Fornell set up taking out Sergei. Wow.

Finding out that Pavlenko tricked Sergei. That was awesome.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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