Justified “Sounding” Review (Season 6 Episode 5)

Justified Sounding Season 6 Episode 5 02

In this week’s Justified, Ava takes off, causes a whole lot of trouble, and ultimately accomplishes nothing. One could argue that it’s her fault for acting impulsively, but she’s surrounded by psychopaths who could turn on her at any moment. That’d be enough to send most people into a panic. The real blame lies with Raylan. It’s his job to protect Ava, and his advice to her hasn’t exactly been reassuring. Maybe it’s their history, or whatever else still lingers between them, but Raylan and Ava need to start improving their communication skills.

After the not-subtle threat from Hale last week, Ava decides to blow town. She distracts Boyd with a breakfast that would make Cracker Barrel proud – eggs, biscuits, gravy, and pancakes. Not a bottle of bourbon in sight. Boyd is so focused on what’s heading into his stomach that he doesn’t notice Ava seems a bit off. After a panicked call, Raylan knows that Ava is on edge, so he tries to keep her from disappearing. I felt sorry for Ava when Boyd gave her the ring back. She looked like she wanted to cry.

Hale and Wynn Duffy decide that they need to get to the bottom of Ava’s prison release. They come up with their scheme while Hale is babysitting her grandchildren. I think anyone watching would agree that the last person you’d want as a grandmother is Hale – unless you wanted her to steal you something for Christmas. The looks on the kids’ faces are priceless when Wynn Duffy comes in and says hello. It’s not shocking that Wynn Duffy doesn’t inspire the warm and fuzzies. They decide that the key is to locate Albert Fekus.

Fortunately, Rachel and Gutterson are ahead of the curve on this. They head down to Lexington to find Gutterson first. This rush for Fekus provided one of the funniest scenes of the episode. It was hilarious when Duffy and Mikey are playing Scrabble, “You okay? You look aplexed.” It’s so obvious at this point that these hillbilly criminals need to work on their stakeout skills. Gutterson and Rachel immediately spot Duffy’s crony.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious that Ava didn’t think through her deal with Raylan. She’s shocked when she learns that her eventual reward for cooperating will be witness protection. She couldn’t have thought that she could just hang out in Harlan after Boyd goes to prison. That man has connections in every trailer and rabbit hole in the county. He would get payback eventually. During her conversation with Raylan, I couldn’t decide if he was more upset that she is in danger or that she could mess up his case against Boyd. Ava must feel the same way because she goes awol. To help track her down, Raylan gives Constable Sweeney a call. I love it when Patton Oswalt returns. He’s one of the princes of geekdom.

Ava’s first stop is to see Limehouse. If she were in her right mind, she would know not to trust him. It’s funny how the guys at the Nobles are always just milling about, cooking BBQ. Running a criminal syndicate seems relatively stress free. Limehouse doesn’t hesitate too long to make a deal with Ava, but naturally he’s not going to uphold his end. When things go south with Limehouse’s man, Errol, Ava tries to ditch him. She’s just lucky that Constable Sweeney is on the case. I loved it when Sweeney asks Raylan what to do if Errol won’t come quietly, “You got a badge and a set of balls, don’t you? There you go, use those.” Sweeney’s response is great, “I got balls like Death Stars.”

After his hearty breakfast, Boyd sets out to convince Ava’s uncle, Zachariah, to help them break into the bank safe. They go out to an abandoned tunnel and set off a methane explosion. I love it when things go boom on this show. Boyd doesn’t look at all happy about the prospect of climbing into the shaft.

Things aren’t going well for Markham’s gang either. It looks like they can’t just kill off Raylan and Loretta since they have heirs who would inherit the land. They finally figure out that Calhoun must be the one who spilled on what land they’re trying to buy up. Seabass and Choo Choo go to see Calhoun, and I was surprised that Calhoun didn’t just tell them about the Marshals. Choo Choo kills Calhoun before they can find out who he told about the land. Shouldn’t it be fairly obvious he told Raylan?

Eventually, Duffy and Mikey track down Fekus in a motel room. The entire time, I was wondering where Gutterson and Rachel were. Then I noticed the door joining Fekus’ room to the room next to his and knew they must be behind it. Wynn Duffy electrocuted Fekus with a cattle prod and the man still didn’t talk. That was impressive. It would’ve been sweet if Rachel and Gutterson had busted in and arrested Duffy and Mikey. But, I don’t think Duffy’s role in all this is finished yet.

When Raylan finally tracks down Ava, he yells at her for a while and then takes her home. I don’t understand why Raylan went to her house to talk about their deal. Didn’t they think Boyd could come in? He’s is making a lot of big promises to Ava. I’m not sure that he’s going to be able to keep them. I was only a little surprised when Ava kissed him. I think it’s more about her feeling needy and scared than actually wanting Raylan.

It looks like next week Limehouse rats Ava out to Boyd. That’s not going to be pretty.