The Walking Dead “Them” Review (Season 5 Episode 10)

The Walking Dead Them Season 5 Episode 10 01

The Walking Dead has always had a hard time with “follow-up” episodes. Every time an episode leaves us on a big cliffhanger or features a big death, it puts a lot of pressure on the next episode to live up to the hype of its predecessor and keep that momentum going. That was the issue with “Them.” After last week’s mid-season premiere saw the emotional death of Tyreese, this week’s installment tried it’s very best to show the effect his death had on the rest of the group and take an emotional temperature of the group as a whole. What we got tonight was a rather melodramatic and sometimes depressing hour of television that didn’t quite pack the emotional punch that was intended.

Despite her dying in last year’s mid-season finale, we never really got a chance to see the fallout of Beth’s demise. So now we have a double whammy of watching the group react to Beth and Tyreese’s death. We only saw Maggie let out one wail of agony when seeing her sister’s dead body, and we saw Sasha looking sad at her brother’s funeral last week, and now we get to see an in-depth look into their state of mind. And guess what? They’re not handling it well! Maggie is lethargic and depressed, while Sasha is handling her anger in a much more destructive and dangerous way. I’m having a hard time caring about either of their sadnesses, though.

Maggie seemed to barely even remember all of last season that her sister was missing. She left with Ford’s group without a second thought about looking for her little sis, and it was usually Daryl that had to remind the group that she was missing. Heck, it even became an internet meme that Maggie kept forgetting that she had a sister. Then you have Sasha, who was always a little undercooked as a character. She was introduced basically as Tyreese’s right-hand man, and then they threw together a little romance with Bob just for the heck of it. I feel like Sasha was just a character that they threw into the show just to amplify the loss of other characters. She wasn’t on the comics, after all. They just wanted somebody to be really sad when Bob and Tyreese died.

Maggie and Sasha weren’t the only ones having a hard time. Just about every member of the group was dragging their feet tonight, trying to decide if they should even try to press on. These philosophical, “How can I go on?” questions are starting to get pretty old on this show, and the decision making process of the group is starting to become a little suspect. First of all, if you can get close enough to a walker to shove it off a bridge, couldn’t you just stab it in the head? One less walker to deal with, right? I mean, it isn’t like they were shoving them off a bridge with a giant drop. They were just rolling down a dirt hill! They could easily get back up at the bottom and just walk back up to keep chasing the group. Oh, and dining on zombie eating dogs doesn’t seem like the best idea. If you’re going to do that, then maybe you could have boiled that water in the middle of the street and drank that!

The highlight of the episode came at the end, when Rick finally got to give his famous “We are the walking dead” speech from the comics. The context was a bit different here, but it was still a powerful moment that was wonderfully accented by a great performance by Andrew Lincoln. The final scene between our two troubled heroines Maggie and Sasha was another nice moment, even though the rest of their scenes were a bit much. The music box going off at the end was a nice payoff, too.

The last scene was a big one, with the overly-friendly Aaron showing up and already knowing Rick’s name! In an episode that seemed to be a little too depressing and dark, it might be nice for the group to get a little bit of good news from this guy! I don’t know how good the news will actually be, with this show being what it is and all, but I do feel like our group is due for a win. Hey, at least it started raining!

Random Thoughts:

– It always makes me sad to see babies crying on movies or TV shows. They’re not acting, ya know?! They’re really sad!

– So, did that zombie attack on the barn ever actually happen? Was that a dream by Maggie?

– I hope we’ll one day get an answer for all the weird crap the group is finding scattered around. A bunch of zombie torsos in the back of a truck last week, gallons of drinking water beautifully displayed in the middle of a street, and a walker tied up in the back of a trunk. So much weird stuff pops up all the time, and I wonder if we’ll ever hear about them again.