The Originals “I Love You, Goodbye” Review Season 2 Episode 14

The Originals I Love You Goodbye Season 2 Episode 14 09

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was time for the big wedding, and this being the kind of show it is, you could be forgiven for thinking it was never going to go off without a hitch- especially given the title, “I Love You, Goodbye.” As it turned out, though, the wedding actually succeeded like a charm, doing everything it was supposed to do, including bonding the werewolves in attendance and giving them Hayley’s power to change at will. Hell, even Klaus essentially behaved himself, to the point of gifting the happy couple with his home as a place to live going forward.

Instead, the bad stuff happened outside of the wedding, as Elijah just barely contained himself from telling Hayley he loved her before she got married- she ended up stopping him before he could get the words out. Meanwhile, Klaus had plans to immediately kill Jackson upon completion of his wedding vows with Hayley, but Elijah put a stop to that as well, pointing out to Klaus that it would only turn the werewolves against him, and after he’d made such progress winning them over with the wedding and accompanying celebration.

Klaus further cemented the bond by revealing that Hope was very much alive, and tasking the wolves with helping to protect her at all costs. Hayley didn’t seem entirely thrilled about this development, but went along with it nonetheless, as she didn’t have much choice in the matter, after all, what with the cat already out of the bag. She also seemed more genuinely at ease with her marriage to Jackson than she was previously, given the sort-of shotgun nature of it all, with it happening so fast, and her reservations about revealing that Hope was alive to Jackson. Now everyone knows, but at least she has the support of the pack behind her- and Jackson’s burgeoning leadership and love to boot.

That left the Kol situation, and it was there that the bad stuff ultimately went down, as, despite Davina and Rebekah’s best efforts as witches, neither could get rid of the curse that had doomed him to die. Though, on the bright side, Kol did manage to help Davina finally finish the dagger they’d been working on, which may come in handy with combating Finn later on. Further, Rebekah informed him that they would perform a ritual that would allow them to perhaps implant Kol’s spirit into another body on down the line, so Kol might be “dead,” but he could still well come back, albeit in another form altogether. (Maybe they might even bring back the original actor who played him, Nathaniel Buzolic, in the process.)

I liked that the other members of the Mikaelson family- sans Finn and Freya, of course- managed to make their peace with Kol before he died, going a long way towards mending the fences that stood between them before the last few episodes. Though certainly a handful at times, Kol was never as bad as Finn, so it’s good that he didn’t die with everyone hating him, thus paving the way for his eventual return with open arms instead of the previous animosity. It might also pave the way for the family to make their peace with Davina, and possibly steer her away from taking down Klaus- or trying to, at least- and instead, to join forces with the Mikaelsons and help them take down Finn, the real enemy at this point.

Speaking of which, Finn was indeed resurrected, albeit not in another form as the Mikaelsons suspected, but within the same body- that of Vincent, thanks to an assist from Freya and the necklace he wore at her behest. So, the two are a lot closer than they think, which may spell trouble for the Mikaelson clan sooner than later. I suspect that Freya will continue to aid Finn, at least until she realizes that the family is more together than she previously thought, which she would have realized sooner had she bothered to contact someone other than Finn and instead assumed that Finn’s take was the right one on their family, which is obviously not the case. The question is, will she realize that before she and Finn do something they can’t take back, like harm one of her other brothers, or even Rebekah? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that she’s not who she says she is, and is merely using Finn as a means to an end, as he is in the same boat as her in wanting to find and kill Hope. As noted in the episode, as Hope gets older, her power will grow stronger- and it’s already pretty darn strong- and serve as a sort of beacon to Dahlia in the process. That means Dahlia is coming whether they want her to or not- if she’s not already there and they just don’t know it yet. (As in, if Freya is actually either Dahlia in disguise or working with Dahlia and acting as if she isn’t.)

That was really it, overall, minus some minor character moments- Josh and Aiden were reunited and basically came out as a couple at the wedding, Klaus brought Jackson the heads of his rival Alphas from the Finn side as a sort of “wedding present”; Jackson gave Hayley a family heirloom necklace as a gift before the ceremony; and Elijah told everyone he was moving out to live with Marcel in Algiers to help him train his coterie of vamps.

So, surprisingly, nothing major happened on this episode beyond the wedding itself, which, as noted, did indeed go off without a hitch, remarkably enough. That might have made for a somewhat uneventful episode, in terms of action, but it was nice to see the family actually get some relatively quiet moments for a change without too much trouble, aside from Kol’s departing. Don’t count on that lasting too long, as it’s only a matter of time before Finn and Freya make their move, which should make for a much more exciting follow-up episode next time out.

What did you think about the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you surprised nothing much went awry at the wedding, despite Klaus threatening to go off the reservation? Do you wish he had? What did you think about Elijah’s announcement he was leaving town for a while? How about the wedding itself? (I thought the lay-out was pretty spectacular, and that Hayley looked amazingly beautiful.) What do you think Finn and Freya’s next move will be? Will the rest of the Mikaelsons defeat them, or at least Finn? Or will Freya switch sides and defeat Finn herself, after learning he’s actually the odd man out of the family, and the rest of them are not the real problem? Or will Hope be the one that defeats them, as she grows in power? Sound off below and let me know what you think!