Marvel’s Agent Carter “Snafu” Review (Season 1 Episode 7)


Well…that was pretty awesome!

Marvel’s Agent Carter aired their penultimate episode tonight with “Snafu”, which ended up being the best episode of the series thus far! Peggy is cooped up in the SSR interrogation room while Leviathan and Dottie are making their move for her!

I praised the creative staff and ABC last week for making the decision to have Agent Carter only go for eight episodes, and I definitely still feel the same way after tonight. Any other show would have dragged out episodes like this for much longer, maybe parsing out these big payoffs over several episodes. Instead tonight we very quickly got to some great scenes that I’ve been excited to see since this show began.

Peggy being interrogated by all of her colleagues was very well done and was edited perfectly. Seeing her being asked rapid-fire questions by Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley was really cool, and her cool-as-a-cucumber responses were the typical Peggy Carter stuff that we’ve come to know and love. We also got her actual confession, as she got to go through all of the crazy stuff that she’s done to the surprise of everybody else at the SSR. And last, but certainly not least, she got to tell off all of those stupid men for not listening to her.

It’s been one of my main complaints about this show since day one that nobody listens to Peggy despite her obvious talents. I realize it’s the 40s and that it might be accurate, but it was starting to get ridiculous. Now that the rest of the SSR has seen that she’s been carrying out this investigation behind their backs, I’m sure they’ll respect her a lot more going forward.

The big moment of the episode was Dooley’s death, which was equal parts emotional and freakin’ awesome. I was hoping that Dooley was wise to Evchenko’s mind control schtick and that he was just pretending to play along, but it turns out that he unfortunately really was under the doctor’s spell. I loved the visual representation of the dreamworlds that Evchenko placed his victims in, though. I loved the amputee guy in the first scene playing chess with his mom, and then he sees a medic tent in the background. Dooley got the same treatment, as he described the perfect dinner to Evchenko. We’d heard a little bit about Dooley’s struggling home life before, but we haven’t seen enough of it for his relationship with his wife to really hit that hard. While I may not have been as emotionally affected by his death, that scene sure was freakin’ impressive! I was also impressed that they actually went through with killing him, and didn’t come up with some miraculous fix for that vest in the 11th hour.

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Random Thoughts:

– Did it worry anybody else that Dooley’s hands were shaking so much while he held Steve Rogers’ blood?

– Man, do any of Howard Stark’s inventions work? Every episode there’s a new doohickey malfunctioning! It seems like his son was the truly gifted one in the family.

– Couldn’t Dooley have at least told everyone what item number was stolen before going out the window. Would have saved them a little bit of time.