The Flash “Fallout” Review (Season 1 Episode 14)

Despite the focus of all the trailers for this episode, The Flash didn’t have all that much to do with time travel this week. Instead, appropriate to the “Fallout” episode title, the show continued to deal with the nuclear man – now men – as General Eiling returned with the goal of capturing and weaponizing Firestorm.

Given how chaotic the Firestorm situation has been, it was nice to see Ronnie and Stein successfully learn to work together after all they’ve been through. It was a triumphant moment that allowed the character to finally stabilize and serve as a viable superhero in the CW’s growing DC universe. And though Ronnie and Stein had to leave town at the end of the episode, the shot of Firestorm and Flash dashing off side-by-side has me excited for future team-ups. Between Firestorm here and The Atom over on Arrow, I can’t wait to see what next year’s major crossover episode looks like.

It was great to see Eiling already knew who The Flash was. It gave a consequence to Barry’s poor decision to unmask himself so close to a bunch of soldiers in Eiling’s first appearance, even if he thought they were all unconscious. Whether it was planned all along or the writers saw the negative reaction to that moment, it shows that the showrunners are putting a lot of thought into how they’re crafting the first season arc.

However, Eiling knowing Barry’s secret does raise the question of why he hadn’t acted on the knowledge before this episode. He clearly had the technology to take Barry down, so there’s a good chance a surprise attack would’ve seemed like a viable option. It’s one of those comic book logic sort of things you just have to not think too much about. And hey, with Eiling dead, it won’t be an issue we need to worry about going forward.

And how about that last scene, with a talking Grodd working in conjunction with Reverse-Flash! Somehow, The Flash continues to top itself in terms of how crazy and over-the-top it’s willing to go with its storytelling. The mere fact that we’re seeing a hyper-intelligent psychic gorilla brought to life on television is astounding, but the potential for supervillain team-ups takes the whole thing to the next level.

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