Eye Candy “ICU” Review (Season 1, Episode 6)

Eye Candy MTV 6

As if hospitals aren’t creepy enough already, the new episode of Eye Candy has to be centered on a strange occurrence happening at one. A hospital in New York City where, of course, an old girlfriend of Detective Tommy Calligan (series regular Casey Deidrick) works. But the issue at the hospital isn’t some rogue doctor killing patients or even the Flirtual killer taking out patients (although he does rear his ugly head, so to speak, but more on that later).

It would seem that there is an issue with all the wireless equipment inside the hospital, which caused nurses and Tommy’s friend Dr. Vivian Wells (guest star Elizabeth Alderfer) to all pass out during a critical brain surgery on a 16-year-old patient.

Who ya gonna call, Tommy? [Sorry I just had to say that!] Lindy Sampson (series lead Victoria Justice). I guess this is one way to have a hacker get inside a hospital to help with a case the cops need to be investigating or least it’s a seemingly plausible reason, right?

Anyway…Lindy goes into the hospital using an ID badge that Dr. Wells somehow got her hands on. Who did she get that ID badge from and what did she have to do to get it? On second thought, I don’t want to know in case this hospital is anything like Grey’s Anatomy; but I digress.

Lindy makes quick work of what is causing the problems in the hospital’s IT server room, of course she’s an amazing hacker, right?, and discovers that the point of origin is somewhere on the fourth floor, which turns out to be the Intensive Care Unit. And, the only way onto that floor is by having a critical health issue. As is her way, Lindy disregards Tommy’s command to return to the car so they can discuss their next move. Instead, she calls in her buddy George (series regular Harvey Guillen), who arrives in a tricked out van filled with computer equipment. Oh, and she drinks about 3 or 4 energy drinks, does many jumping jacks and races up and down the stairs to get her heartrate at a high level. C’mon, can that really work to get her into the ICU? In this show it does, go figure?

Once inside the ICU, Lindy meets a very sick patient by the name of Erika (guest star Erin Wilhelmi), who has a severe heart condition and, due to all the medication she has been on, she now has liver failure. It would seem she doesn’t have long to live. To make matters worse, shortly after talking to Erika and seeing Erika’s boyfriend Mark storm out of her room, Erika dies because the heart machine keeping her alive malfunctioned. That, in and of itself, makes Lindy very suspicious of Mark.

As it turns out, Mark and Erika worked for a computer company where they developed anti-virus software. That’s convenient, don’t you think? This is where the big reveal comes into play: Mark and Erika created a virus that would affect the hospital’s computer system – it was her way of getting revenge on them for making her even sicker than she was in the beginning. In fact, it was her way of ending her life. The only problem was the virus was seemingly going into overdrive and the kill switch – what would turn off the virus – was swallowed by Erika shortly before her death. All together now, eww???

Needless to say, Lindy and Tommy rush to the morgue to find Erika’s body in order to retrieve the kill switch from her corpse. But thank God for Detective Yeager (recurring guest star Marcus Callender), as he found Dr. Wells before they could attempt a really bad game of Operation on the recently dead girl.

With the kill switch in hand, Lindy and Tommy along with an assist from Mark try to stop the virus; but – in true “oh my God, what now?” mode – Erika had an authorization code that had to be entered. Mark, of course, didn’t know it; but the Flirtual killer – who had been watching all the action at the hospital through their security feeds – knew what to do. Is anyone getting the creeps even more from this madman?

He gives Lindy the molecular code for the medication that caused Erika’s health to worsen and that stops the virus. Let’s all jump for joy, right? I’d say that Lindy may owe this crazy sicko a small amount of thanks, but that isn’t going to, in any way, excuse all the heinous things he has done.

If you watched last night’s episode of ‘Eye Candy’, what did you think of it? Was it plausible that Lindy could get admitted so easily into the ICU? Who do you think is the Flirtual killer? He seems to be everywhere, right? When do you think Tommy is going to wise up and realize his feelings for Lindy need to be expressed? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of ‘Eye Candy’ will air on MTV on Monday, February 23 at 10/9c.