Chasing Life “The Big Leagues” Review (Season 1 Episode 16)

Chasing Life The Big Leagues Episode 16 01

Chasing Life’s episode “The Big Leagues” brought the most comedy we’ve seen yet in the second half of this season. The episode also ended on a dark note with a seriously surprising revelation about Leo that is sure to alter his relationship with April, and with Team Leo fans.

The Comedy

Before going dark, this week’s episode was funny and was also the first time in a while we have been treated to a carefree and funny April. After hearing that she is cancer free, April is ready to bring her relationship to the next level with Leo. The greenlight has Beth bringing a lifetime supply of condoms to their luncheon. And while Beth cracks a few grins, April just can’t stop giggling and busting out with sexual puns as Beth dumps the entire box into April’s bag, declaring that she just can’t get it in. The scene was great.

The Drama

Just when it looked like the Greer storyline was coming to a close and Brenna was moving on, we see Greer rocking purple tipped hair and a rebellious attitude. This new look has not only Brenna interested, but piqued my interest too. Greer is usually all about doing the right thing so when she dyes her hair, wants a tattoo, and doesn’t want to go home, it was obvious something was wrong. As the episode moves along, Greer locks herself in a bathroom after she hears Kieran and Brenna talking about her. After a round of apologies, and the decision to have a slumber party, we discover her parents have been forcing her to take medication for years to treat anxiety and depression issues. She also fesses up that she was never drugged by Natalie, but drank too much on her meds and it made her sick. What will Brenna do with all of this new information?

The Unexpected

Wow! Did you see that coming? Did you ever think we would witness Leo snorting cocaine after all that he has been through? The writer’s room are really shaking things up with Leo’s story and his relationship with April, who is now thinking that cancer is the only thing they have in common. Leo’s hell bent on wallowing in his own self-pity while doing nothing to change his life while April is just happy to be alive. By the end of the episode April is getting along better with Dominic. She is also celebrating breaking some serious news for the Boston Post, but judging from the previews feeling on top of the world will be short-lived when things start to heat up over her decision to out Richie for his cocaine use.