‘Castle’ (Season 7): To Catch a Killer


The first appearance of Jerry Tyson (recurring guest star Michael Mosley), who has become known as the Triple Killer or the shorter “nickname” of 3XK on the ABC series Castle, was in the sixth episode of the show’s third season appropriately entitled “3XK”.

During that episode the team was investigating the murder of a beautiful woman found dead in an alley. The clues to her murder led back to the notorious Triple Killer, who would strangle three women in a week only to drop out of sight for a month and then kill three more women. This killer terrorized New York City four years earlier, but then mysteriously disappeared.

In this episode it was obvious 3XK was back with a vengeance; but all of the evidence led Detective Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) and mystery novelist-police consultant Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) to an ex-con named Marcus Gates (guest star Lee Tergesen). While the team was led in false directions throughout that episode by the real 3XK, Castle figured out the truth; but not before Tyson was able to overtake Detective Kevin Ryan (series regular Seamus Dever) [stealing his gun in the process], tying Castle to a chair and going on the run.

In the fourth episode of season four, Ryan’s stolen gun came back into play, being the murder weapon in the death of local student Jane Herzfeld, who was the tutor of Ben Lee, the son of a Chinese mob boss and secretly her boyfriend. While 3XK (aka Tyson) himself did not appear in this episode, he played an important part in the death of this innocent girl because he gave the weapon to Philip Lee, his former cellmate and brother of Ben Lee. It was the plan of 3XK for Philip to have information on where he would go once he got out of prison, leading the cops on a wild goose chase, but again, Castle foiled those plans.

Payback time was coming for Castle as seen in the fifth episode of season five entitled “Probable Cause”. Castle had essentially ruined 3XK’s four-year plan to vanish while continuing his killing spree, so he was going to get even. In an elaborate case to set up Castle for the grisly murder of insurance broker Tessa Horton, Castle’s fingerprints are found on the scene, emails between he and the victim were discovered and even video footage of Castle buying the woman jewelry was found. The coup de grâce was Tyson showing up at the precinct dressed as a cop just before Castle was to be led off to prison where Tyson claimed he would be killed. Of course, no one put Castle saw him there, though.

While Castle, who was able to escape custody, and Kate worked against the clock, not to mention a citywide manhunt, to prove his innocent, they were eventually able to get the evidence they needed to free him, but they were surprised by a still very vengeful 3XK who not only rammed their car but also a fateful shoot-out that had Castle riddling Tyson with bullets that propelled off a bridge and into the river. His body, of course, was never found.

In episode nine of the sixth season, Tyson did not appear, but as the team investigated the murders of Lanie (series regular Tamala Jones) and Esposito (series regular Jon Huertas) look-alikes Pamela Hodges and Daniel Santos, it became clear that these murders led back to 3XK. This time he used the look-alikes to remove all files (police and medial) related to his crimes so the cops would have nothing to refer to as he continued his killing sprees. It was during this episode that Kate and Castle met Dr. Kelly Nieman (guest star Annie Wersching), the plastic surgeon who transformed the two victims into look-alikes for Lanie and Espo. But everyone, except Castle, believed that Tyson is dead until the couple uncover a USB embedded in a pen left behind by Dr. Nieman that played the song “We’ll Meet Again”.

That song was an important part in the most recent two-part episode of ‘Castle’ where it seems that Jerry Tyson is back in New York with Dr. Neiman by his side. But is it really Jerry Tyson or someone named Michael Boudreaux, who changed his appearance to mirror that of 3XK? Well, as seen in last night’s episode, Boudreaux was indeed really Jerry Tyson; and using his own ego to trap him, Castle and the police got the better of the mass killer, taking him down in one fell swoop. Beckett also put an end to Dr. Neiman, bringing to a close a case that has haunted them for years.

What are your thoughts on the big February two-parter? Did you see the twist at end of the episode coming? Did you expect Beckett to get the better of Neiman? Are you pleased that yet another lingering storyline – much like that of the killer of Beckett’s mother – has come to a satisfactory closure? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the 7th season of ‘Castle’ will air on Monday, February 23 on ABC at 10/9c.