Castle “Reckoning” Review (Season 7 Episode 15)


Usually a jokester, whose easy going, Castle was anything but in “Reckoning.” In the second half of the two part episode, Castle was still exhausting all of his efforts to find Kate alongside the Captain, Ryan and Esposito. With all the what ifs and twists and turns, the gang had to do their best to crack the case of serial killer Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Nieman. Was Tyson really Tyson, was the crazy killer still out there while the fake was being used just for trickery. As Castle points out though, Tyson is the type to stay close and observe his handy work.

The fake call from Kate would be enough to drive anyone crazy. What a letdown. It looked for a minute as though Kate might have escaped and the two would work the case together to bring the two down, but that wasn’t the case. It was actually audio from when castle went missing. Her captors pieced together her plea in a clever cry for help.

Getting creative, Castle paid a visit to Tyson’s old cellmate, Marcus, who gives up details of a house outside of the city. Wired up, we see Castle get inside, using himself as bait while Ryan and Esposito wait outside. The whole thing goes down pretty quick with Esposito taking a deadly shot at Tyson from the outside. The bullet traveled through the window, hitting the killer right in the chest. As for Niemen, Kate took care of her.

When Castle found his bride she had butchered Niemen in an act of self-defense, of course. It was a scene from a horror film and could be what sends Kate off the deep end. Before the close of the show she told Castle that she couldn’t shut her eyes without seeing Niemen. It’s clear she has been through enough and its starting to take a serious emotional toll.

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