Better Call Saul “Nacho” Review (Season 1 Episode 3)

In the opening of last night’s episode of Better Call Saul, we found an incarcerated Jimmy begging his older brother, Chuck, for help. I’m not sure what was more uncomfortable for Jimmy in that moment – pleading for help from a brother he had not spoken to for five years or that amazing 1980s shag haircut he was sporting. I kid. The hair was totally appropriate for the times and way better than some of the more laughable flashback hair on television at the moment. I’m looking your way Arrow.

The episode centered on Jimmy trying to figure out what happened to the Kettlemans who just so happened to disappear after Jimmy told Tuco and Nacho about their embezzled funds. Despite all of his shortcomings and his proclamation about not being a hero, Jimmy was so uneasy with the idea of the Kettlemans being in danger that he makes a really piss poor, yet hilarious attempt to warn the family that someone was after their money. Granted, Jimmy is the one who blabbed to Tuco and Nacho, so the least he could do was give them a heads up – especially after his very up close and personal encounter with Tuco.

Mike returned in last night’s episode and as always, Jonathan Banks was a delight to watch. Jimmy got quickly acquainted with Mike’s low tolerance for nonsense after finding himself pinned down for calling Mike an old geezer.

The Kettlemans turn up missing and despite his promise to his brother to stay on the straight and narrow, Jimmy found himself representing Nacho – who was now accused of being involved in the Kettlemans’ disappearance. Although Nacho was outside the Kettleman home casing the place and preparing to make his move, he swears he was not involved in the family’s disappearance. Jimmy finds an unlikely ally in his effort to prove Nacho’s innocence – Mike. Both men suspected that the Kettlemans staged their kidnapping. Thanks to a hunch from Mike, based on his years as a cop in Philly, Jimmy finds a bumper sticker that suggests that the Kettlemans have fled to a property in the New Mexican hills.

Mike’s hunch paid off and Jimmy finds the Kettlemans in the midst of a family sing along. He tried to force the family to head back to Albuquerque, which led to a tug-of-war over a bag that happened to have the millions of dollars stolen by the Kettlemans. As the episode closed, Jimmy was faced with the lure of a huge payout or the less than lucrative reward of doing the right thing and forcing the Kettlemans to face justice. What will he choose? Tune in next week! Any predictions? Sound off below!