Shameless “Crazy Love” Review (Season 5 Episode 6)

Shameless Crazy Love Season 5 Episode 6 16

There are few things that can break your heart as swiftly and completely as Mickey Malkovich, and watching Shameless this season has been like counting down the minutes until the Ian situation hit the fan, and Mickey was left to pick up the pieces along with the rest of the Gallaghers.

‘Crazy Love’ was the episode of the season in which all of the pieces set up between the premiere and the half-way point explode, with Ian not just running away from the prospect of being committed for his mental health issues, but also taking the baby with him.

It aggravates the situation, as an Ian on the verge of a psychotic break with a baby is a far more dangerous idea than Ian going AWOL on his own, and the whole episode was as masterful an exercise in building emotional tension as I’ve ever seen. It was all played masterfully, with Mickey’s usual façade completely absent for the entire hour, and there’s a genuine fear that something truly dreadful may happen at any moment.

The situation resolves without any dire consequences, but Shameless really surpassed itself in those final scenes. This show can get dark, complicated and distressing, the best example of which was Fiona’s saga in this episode, but there’s something it has with that relationship that’s irreplaceable. Despite their baggage, there’s a purity to their bond that sticks out like a sore thumb in a world so often dank and dispirited.

Fiona’s story right now is of her more or less trying to grab some of that lightness for herself, but the unexpected roadblock of Jimmy’s return has thrown her off course in the worst way. I don’t even believe that she isn’t committed or in some level of love with Gus, but Jimmy blasting back into her world brings back the old, self-sabotaging Fiona with alarming speed, and now the potential for that better life has been shattered.

That sex scene in the kitchen was so hard to watch, and once again Emmy Rossum knocked it out of the park. Seriously, this cast is amazing, and it’s a crime that they haven’t been recognised more for their wonderful work here.

Other storylines continued amidst the Ian storm, as they do in life, but a lot of the screen time spent away from the A and B-plots was more of a roll-call of ongoing plots than anything more substantial. We saw Lip working as a RA at college, Debbie starts high school, V and Kev sort-off formally separate, and Frank get hospitalised for not taking his meds, but all of this will likely be fleshed out in future episodes.

No, this wasn’t about those things, but about getting Ian to a point where he was forced to get help whether he wanted to or not. The fact that he didn’t resist hospitalisation was a nice, comforting touch, but we’ll have to wait to see what this ordeal ultimately does to the character, and to his relationship with Mickey.

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