‘Revenge’ (Season 4): Where Will We Go From Here?

Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 Contact (16)

The last new episode of Revenge aired on January 25 while the next new episode of the ABC soap opera is a few more weeks away; but that doesn’t stop viewers from wondering where will we go from here, right?

This season fans of the show have seen the following happen:

Victoria Grayson (series lead Madeleine Stowe) getting out of the “nuthouse” for which Emily Thorne (series lead Emily VanCamp) trapped her in at the end of last season;

Charlotte Grayson Clarke not only failing to take her own life but also learning the truth about Emily, who she also tries to kill in a fire that nearly consumes all of The Stowaway, Jack Porter’s (series regular Nick Wechsler) bar;

David Clarke (new series regular James Tupper) is, indeed, alive and well – after being presumed dead for the past 10 years; reigniting his relationship with Victoria (SIGH!) and reuniting with both of his daughters;

Speaking of Jack Porter, he has taken on a new career that of being a police officer, but as viewers know, he has since quit because of the events of this season;

Margaux LeMarchal (series regular Karine Vanasse) and Daniel Grayson (former series regular Josh Bowman) begin a relationship with Margaux recently learning she is pregnant but shortly thereafter Daniel losing his life in a bid to save Emily’s life; and,

Louise Ellis-Ross (new series regular Elena Satine), a fellow patient at the “nuthouse” with Victoria, somehow finds her way out of the institution and ingratiates herself into the world of the Hamptonites, starting with Daniel and then with, of all people, Nolan Ross (series regular Gabriel Mann) in a fake marriage to get out from under her overbearing and controlling mother.

Obviously, there have been plenty of other storylines cropping up over the course of this season, most of which are not up to the level of what the show was in its glory days during seasons one and two, but that’s another story for another time. The question, however, still remains: where will we go from here?

Could we see Louise leave the Hamptons – does anyone actually like this character, by the way?

Could we see Jack rebuild The Stowaway now that he’s not a cop anymore?

Will he try to rekindle his relationship with Emily (aka Amanda) after seeing her with his former police partner Ben Hunter (new series regular Brian Hallisay)?

Will Margaux get the revenge she seems so intent on getting against Emily? Or perhaps there will be complications with Margaux’s pregnancy that will hold her back from that and, better yet, force her to leave The Hamptons? Does anyone actually like her character too?

What will David do to Victoria? After all, we did learn not that long ago that he had every intention of killing her. Will he follow through on that or will she, once again, escape the noose (as it were)?

Have we seen the last of Charlotte or will she be back in the Hamptons at some point again?

And depending on what the powers that be at the network decide to do with the show in May – renew for season five or pull the plug – will we get to finally see Jack and Emily float off into the sunset?

What do you think will happen; or more specifically, what do you want to see happen? Please share your thoughts in our comment section below.

The next episode of the fourth season of ‘Revenge’ is expected to air on ABC on Sunday, March 8 at 10/9c.