Girls “Sit-In” Review (Season 4 Episode 5)

Girls Cubbies Season 4 Episode 4 09

Every so often, Girls delivers an episode that kind of floors you. It can so often live in its little groove, doing mildly interesting things and touching lightly on twenty-something issues, but then episodes like ‘Sit-In’ break it out of that daze, reminding us that this show can be truly excellent from time to time.

We saw Hannah quit school and head back to New York City at the end of last week’s episode, and here we got to see what was and wasn’t waiting for her upon that return. It was a rash decision in the first place, but finding Adam living in her apartment with a female stranger (Gillian Jacobs’ Mimi-Rose) knocks Hannah for a loop, and it isn’t long before she’s in full-Hannah mode.

But that process of acting out has never been more endearing, because here is a situation that’s genuinely something that Hannah couldn’t have reasonably avoided, something that’s profoundly heartbreaking and something that’s happened to most of us at some point.

She practically skipped back to New York after her epiphany about writing, and I think the loss of Adam will be more of a wrench for her than the loss of writing ever could be. Hannah is ambitious, sure, but human connection is more important to her than she’d like to admit, and her helplessness throughout this episode was truly hard to watch at times.

But the episode itself was sublime, with each of the show’s main characters – many of whom we haven’t spent much time with this season – coming in one or two at a time to offer Hannah advice, support or, in Jessa’s case, some home truths. Each has their place in Hannah’s life and in Hannah’s soul, and every little vignette displays that perfectly and elegantly.

This season has been really good about Hannah and Marney’s friendship especially, I’ve felt, what with her comforting embrace in the premiere and, here, her assurance that they can be the artistic soulmates she was searching for in Adam, even if Hannah is less than thrilled with the idea. I’m looking forward to seeing this freshened dynamic become a weekly thing now that they’re back in the same state.

But Adam. Adam wasn’t not sympathetic in this episode, but he wasn’t Prince Charming either. Obviously, he’s never been Prince Charming, but I’d gotten used to him as the ‘only sane man’ figure of the show, and here that seems to be a role he’s no longer interested in inhabiting. Which is his prerogative, of course, and that conversation between them at the end really had no winner and loser.

We leave Hannah curled up on her couch in the storage locker it now resides in and, for the first time in a long time, she has nothing but herself, the consequences of her choices and the tatters of her former life.

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