The Fosters “If You Only Knew” Review (Season 2, Episode 16)


Since the beginning of The Fosters on ABC Family, I have admired Callie Jacobs (series lead Maia Mitchell) for her devotion to her family and to her friends. She goes out of her way to keep them safe and help them in any way she can. But given what has happened over the last few episodes of the show’s second season, specifically tonight’s episode, Callie’s intentions may just get her into a great deal of trouble.

Callie’s friend Daphne (recurring guest star Daffany Clark) took her little daughter Tasha out of a local park, taking her away from the little girl’s foster parents. And once she realized what she did was wrong, she called Callie for help; and being the kind of person she is, Callie – with an assist from Brandon (series regular David Lambert) – helped Daphne return the little girl, hoping that no one would see them.

Obviously that is not the case since two detectives approached Callie at her job, wanting to know about the abduction of Tasha. Instead of calling her foster moms, Callie contacted her biological dad Robert Quinn (recurring guest star Kerr Smith), who enlisted his lawyer’s help to keep the detectives at bay. She was also told by Robert that she cannot talk to anyone about what happened, especially Daphne. His warning fell on deaf ears, though, as Callie ended up telling Daphne about the detectives, which only made the girl even more nervous, especially after Tasha’s foster mom accused her of being the one behind taking Tasha.

Where Brandon is concerned, I get it that he wants to go out on tour with the band this summer; and the band members have good intentions in allowing Brandon to take home all the money they will earn from the “Pharm” party, but it was blatantly obvious that something bad was about to happen. You guys saw trouble coming, right?

Mariana (series regular Cierra Ramirez), being the type of girl she is, forced the issue about attending the “Pharm” party – not knowing any better than Brandon what it was really about: the admission wasn’t just a door fee but also dropping off pills for anyone to use for recreational purposes. The “Pharm” party backfired on them all with Mariana getting locked inside a storage unit where she found a girl passed out from the pills that were being passed around. Not being able to reach Mat because the band was on stage performing, Mariana reached out to Callie for help.

Callie showed up at the warehouse where the “Pharm” party was being held with Rafael (recurring guest star Alberto De Diego), the social worker from the youth mission where she is volunteering, by her side [he gave her a ride since she was going to take the bus]. They got Brandon’s attention and then, of course, the cops showed up. Like I said it was so obvious this party was going to bring nothing but trouble, right?! That being said, though, Mariana was smart enough to not only call for help from a family member but also get medical help for the unconscious girl.

The situation may not have ended perfectly for the band or the siblings, but they did learn some valuable lessons:

Lou (recurring guest star Ashley Argota) knows that Brandon wasn’t trying to judge her by telling her not to take pills while on the summer tour because he cares about her;

Mat (recurring guest star Jordan Rodrigues) tells Mariana that he doesn’t want her to come with them on tour, not because he doesn’t want to be a couple or spend time with her, but rather because he has dreamed about going on tour for years, wanting to make it happen for himself before real life takes over; and,

Callie is convinced by Rafael – despite not telling him all the particulars of her current situation with the detectives and Daphne – that she needs to tell the truth; but instead of telling her foster moms Stef (series regular Teri Polo) and Lena (series regular Sherri Saum) about the whole fiasco, she says, “There’s something I have to tell you. I think I should go live with Robert.” [Say what? I did NOT see that coming, did you?!]

Elsewhere, Jesus (series regular Jake T. Austin) has been offered a scholarship at a prestigious all-boys school, but it will prove interesting if the moms let him go especially given their after sex talk about spending more time with each and how that will happen in a few years as the kids go off to college. But Stef worries if they are being tested by making that declaration to each other. What do you think?

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Should the band have performed at the “Pharm” party? Should Callie come clean about what Daphne did, or since the detectives approached Daphne, will it be a moot point? Will the moms permit Jesus to go to this new school? Will Mariana accept Mat’s request to not join them on tour? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The next new episode of ‘The Fosters’ will air on ABC Family on Monday, February 23 at 8/7c.