Grimm “Trial By Fire” Review (Season 4 Episode 13)

Grimm - Season 4

This week’s episode of Grimm involved a strange case of arson and a double homicide. At first the guys think the business owner could be the one to blame until they realize the fire patterns have a mind of their own. We also get to see the epic fight we’ve been waiting to see for years – the battle between Adalind and Juliette.

Wesen of the Week

This week’s creature moves around a lot and likes to woge into the burning man. After some research, Nick and Wu discover that the suspect is of Latin origin, dating back to 64 A.D. It isn’t long before we see him and realize that he was in on burning down the business with the lawyer, who Nick and Hank had paid a visit to earlier. The only problem – they can’t I.D. him and have to rely on an old enemy, an arson investigator and wesen by the name of Orson.

Orson and Monroe have some bad blood between them and its hard not to see Monroe’s side of things – the guy did stick a shot gun in his face. He’s one of ‘Grimm’s greatest assets with his strong convictions and his believable woging.

The Twist

I didn’t see that coming! Andy, the son who reluctantly will inherit the business, hired the beast who killed the two kids. He calls his dad to apologize and just when things look like they’ll end happy, the creature poses as an official and ties up the innocent man who only wanted to pass down his legacy. It is a little strange when he strips off his clothes before getting ready to kill!The supersoakers were a creative move, now a weapon in Nick’s arsenal. And the decision to say that the victim had a homemade bomb strapped to him.

The Battle

Adalind doesn’t even know the half of it when she enters into Nick and Juliette’s house. The flying jumps, lamps being thrown and their crazy strength, the flying knives, made for an awesome fight scene too! Juliette seemed pleased with herself until Nick came home. Until next week Grimm fans!

Are you excited for what’s to come? What was your favorite scene in this episode? Let us know below.