‘Grimm’ (Season 4): Now That Nick Knows, What Next?

Grimm - Season 4

As fans of Grimm have seen over the course of the show’s current season, Nick Burkhardt (series regular David Giuntoli) has gone through a transformation, getting his abilities back by reversing the curse placed on him by an ever vengeful Adalind Schade (series regular Claire Coffee). But the cost of that reversal is going to be far greater than Nick – or anyone else in that world where Wesen are real – could ever imagine.

His girlfriend Juliette Silverton (series regular Bitsie Tulloch), as viewers know, willingly volunteered to reenact the curse, turning herself – however briefly – into Adalind in order to sleep with Nick and reverse the curse. It took a few days, but Nick was back to being a Grimm again; however, what happened to Juliette was very unexpected.

As each day passed, Juliette experienced pain. Could she be pregnant? Could something else be wrong with her? After all, Captain Sean Renard’s (series regular Sasha Roiz) mother, who helped Nick and Juliette reenact the curse, warned there could be side effects. I doubt, though, that any of them expected the results: Juliette became a Hexenbeist just like Adalind.

Since the very beginning of the show there has been a great deal of animosity between Nick and Adalind – Grimm versus Hexenbeist basically. But now that Juliette is also an extremely powerful Hexenbeist, seemingly even more powerful than Adalind if last week’s battle with the Manticore (guest star Arnold Vosloo) is any indication, things are going to be cataclysmic now that the truth has been revealed.

How will Nick react beyond the shock of her revelation at the end of last night’s episode? Will he over-react or try to find a way to cure her? Is there even a way to cure her? Given what Juliette learned from fellow Hexenbeist Henryetta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais) she is something Henryetta has never seen before. Given that revelation, it is more than likely that Juliette’s new condition is permanent. And that still brings us back to the overall issue: what is Nick going to do now that he know the truth about Juliette?

Of course, the situation is only going to get worse now that Adalind not only knows about Juliette’s involvement in the disappearance of her baby but also the BIG ass fight the two of them got into that literally wrecked the downstairs of Juliette and Nick’s house. Given Adalind’s initial reaction, she is scared and angry, which is not a good combination for a Hexenbeist. Things are only going to get worse, right?

What do you think will happen? Will Nick freak out and then work to figure out how to cure Juliette? Will this condition be permanent for Juliette? Maybe Renard’s mother (guest star Louise Lombard) could come back to Portland to help or is that even a possibility? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘Grimm’ will air on NBC on Friday, March 20 at 9/8c.