Constantine “Waiting for the Man” Review (Season 1 Episode 13)

If this was indeed the last episode of Constantine ever, at least it can be said that the show went out telling the exact type of story it always aimed to. Over the past 13 episodes, the show has done a solid job of developing its own voice, gaining a better idea of its characters and formats. So, while “Waiting for the Man” didn’t feel like a proper finale, the fact is that it was never intended as one. Instead, we were given another strong hour of supernatural television, exactly what the show has excelled at here in the back half of its shortened season.

While the show still hasn’t figured out how to successfully bring all of its characters into a single story, it’s certainly gotten better at it. This week, only Chas was missing, a fact that was more than balanced out by the return of recurring characters Corrigan and Papa Midnite. In regards to the former, it was a bit frustrating to only be given more hints of Corrigan’s fate, mainly because the chances of us ever seeing him become The Spectre seem so unlikely right now.

Far more successful was Papa Midnite, who is always a delight to see brought back into the fold. He’s complicated relationship with John went to full-on antagonism this week, as Midnite did everything within his considerable power to kill Constantine and collect the bounty on his head. Midnite’s inclusion made what could’ve been a distracting subplot into a joy, as few scenes in this series are as full of energy as when Constantine and Midnite share the screen.

The main investigation this week was mostly relegated to cutaway scenes, but they remained appropriately creepy. The child brides were a disturbing bunch, and though their ultimate fate wasn’t a shock, they did a good job of injecting their scenes with a sense of dread and atmosphere.

Perhaps the most frustrating part was the ending. Sure, that might’ve been expected given this episode may be the series finale, but I wasn’t immediately sure if Manny was being revealed as an enemy or not. The episode synopses had all said John would be betrayed, but was that really Manny? Or was the show considering Papa Midnite going full villain the betrayal? I’m sure there’ll be creator interviews that clear this development up, but hopefully we’ll get the chance for a full answer in a second season. If not, Constantine managed to develop into a solid horror series, one that will no doubt gain a cult following in the years to come.

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