12 Monkeys “The Night Room” Review (Season 1 Episode 5)

After last week’s weird tangent of an episode, 12 Monkeys got back on track by finally visiting “The Night Room.” While we didn’t exactly get a whole lot of answers, this was still a solid hour that helped further flesh out the supporting cast while setting up some intriguing situations for next week.

With The Night Room itself set up as the home to the main virus, it was a surprise to see it incinerated with so little effort by the episode’s end. Obviously, there’s no way things end here, as that would make for a fairly short show, but it was nice to see things turn out the way the heroes wanted for once. And with time travel as a major part of the series, who’s to say the virus won’t be brought back from the future. Yes, that leads to some major paradox questions, but the show has waved those off in the past. Better definition of the time travel rules would be appreciated, though.

The bigger focus of this week’s episode seemed to be giving a bit more screen time to the Pallid Man, the face of the 12 Monkeys, and the insane-as-ever Jennifer Goines. In regards to the Pallid Man, he showed just how ruthless he can be in pursuit of the Army’s goals, whatever they may be. From having bamboo shoved under Cole’s fingernails to murdering one of The Night Room’s technicians, he’s a cold-bloodied fanatic with a singular focus on achieving his goals.

As for Jennifer, she remains a delightful nutty presence, though she’s unhinged to the point of unreliability. Though Cole can trust her for now, there’s no telling when she might turn on him, however happy she is that Cole killed her father. By episode’s end, she’s alone and free for the first time, making her a truly unpredictable wild card.

The last moments of the episode left Cassandra in army custody and Cole in a future facility seemingly under control of West 7. Though I’m not exactly dying to see more of the mercenary group, it will be interesting to see what’s happened in his absence, especially with what Ramse discovered about Jones this week.

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