The Vampire Diaries “Stay” Review Season 6, Episode 14

The Vampire Diaries Stay Season 6 Episode 14 02

Well, we can’t say we didn’t know it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” the focus was firmly on the last day of Sheriff Liz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre), in the aptly-titled “Stay.” As befits a woman whose life was dedicated to upholding the law- not always an easy prospect in a town like Mystic Falls- she spent most of it packing up her office and looking over old cold case files in an attempt to wrap things up as best as she could. Thanks to Damon, it went easier than planned, no doubt, as he took credit for most of the unsolved murders on her docket- save one: the deaths of Elena’s parents, the Gilberts, which had never sat well with her, even after all these years.

In the end, she didn’t find out much more than she already knew: an out-of-character diversion to a road route was due to a storm- hence there also being no skid marks at the scene when the wreck occurred- and a mystery call ended up being a sort of joke on the behalf of mama Miranda, threatening to “bust” Jeremy for smoking pot. That was about it, but it wasn’t really about that, after all- it was more about saying goodbye to the job she’d loved for all these years, and wanting to leave it in as good a shape as possible for her inevitable successor.

Alas, in spending all that time saying goodbye to work, she missed saying a proper goodbye to her daughter, who was off preparing a cabin for her imminent arrival, knowing that it was likely to be the last place she spent the last of her days. Instead, Liz felt faint and went home, where Damon watched over her until she unexpectedly passed out and he had to call an ambulance. By the time Caroline got there, she was unconscious and not likely to come back, depriving Caroline of her hoped-for moment. Thankfully, Stefan worked some mojo and was able to help connect the two in Liz’s final moments, in which they recalled the happy time Liz had taught Caroline to ride a bike for the first time.

It was a lovely moment, but it was indeed the last, as Liz passed away shortly thereafter. We’ll have to wait until next week for the big send-off- can’t wait for Damon’s eulogy, as per Liz’s request- but for all intents and purposes, Sheriff Liz has left the building once and for all. I will certainly miss her, as she was one of the last voices of reason on the show, not to mention one of the only proper adults left alive from the early days of the show. (I guess that makes Alaric the show elder, which is a scary thought, as he’s not much older than I am!)

Another send-off was in order for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), who is leaving the show as well, albeit of his own volition. While the door is being left open for his return, of course, it may be a while before he’s back, and who knows when Bonnie will be back, either, thus giving him a good reason to. Either way, he got as good an exit as could be hoped for, with some primo bonding with sister Elena, and some much-needed closure on his parents’ death, once and for all.

Granted, there was no Bonnie moment, which is too bad, but there’s no reason there might not be one on down the line. I also liked that, instead of shipping him off to art school, as was let on for most of the show, he was actually going to do the “Sam & Dean” thing (“Supernatural” fans will know what I mean), and go on the road as a hunter, chasing down vampire baddies all over the States. Too bad he couldn’t take out Enzo on his way out, especially after that unpleasant scene in which he had his boot on poor Jeremy’s face for some time!

Nor was the show done with big moments. Yes, at long last, all the Stefoline ‘shippers got their day in the sun- in this case, literally- as Caroline and Stefan finally got their smooch on! You could practically hear the cries of “yes!” in the air, as the long-hoped for moment happened in earnest. I must say, it was indeed worth the wait, being as how it was so beautifully shot, with sunlight blazing in and Caroline making puppy dog eyes at Stefan. I also liked that they kept it classy, opting to stick with the simple kissing phase, instead of roaring headlong into the bedroom. Besides, given Caroline’s fragile state at the moment, I’m not so sure that would have been the way to go, anyway.

Beyond those fairly epic moments, there wasn’t that much happening, plot-wise, save Enzo’s crazy scheme to out himself as a vampire to Sarah by running down Matt with his car, then coming to Matt’s “rescue” with his blood! Um, okay. Not sure what the hell Enzo was trying to accomplish with that particular approach, but whatever works, I guess. Is he trying to make her fall for him? Hard to say, but it’s a pretty bizarre way to go about it, that’s for sure.

That said, though, I’m certainly not complaining this time around. Liz is a major character in her own right, and deserved the big send-off she got here, and will continue to get next week. After all, it’s not everyone that can humanize Damon the way she did, even when few others could, save maybe Alaric. Hell, in some ways, Liz humanized him even more, as she was the one human- barring Elena in her pre-vamp state- that he really genuinely seemed to like and care for.

Even when there was no real reason to, Damon often hung out with her, and even more telling, he really seemed to respect Liz. I’d even go so far as to say he loved her, in his own way. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he has to say on Liz’s behalf, but my guess is that, if this episode didn’t get you crying, that moment probably will. We’ll just have to see how it goes next week. Whatever the case, Sheriff Liz Forbes, you will be missed.

So, what did you think of Liz and Jeremy’s big send-offs? What was your favorite moment on the show? How do you think “The Vampire Diaries” will be different moving forward? Will you miss Liz? How about Jeremy? Sad that Jeremy didn’t get one last moment with Bonnie, for real? Glad that Stefan and Caroline finally had one of their own? What the hell is Enzo up to with Sarah and Matt? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, and see you next week!