Reign “The End of Mourning” Review (Season 2 Episode 14)

Reign The End of Mourning Season 2 Episode 14 01

In this episode of Reign, called “The End of Mourning,” Francis is forced to seek friendship away from his marriage, while Mary’s heart seems to be connecting with another.

No Longer a Victim

The beginning of this episode was beautifully shot and really communicated the idea that Mary was doing her best to be happy. She and her ladies were out enjoying a royal romp with hot chocolate, servants and sleds. It would have been perfect, if not for Mary’s obvious disapproval over Lola and Condé growing closer, and Antoine trying once again to destroy Bash’s marriage.

Mary doesn’t seem to be feeling like a victim any longer, which is great to see. But it saddened me that she still wasn’t feeling closer to Francis. It’s like that part of her heart was switched off and there doesn’t appear to be any hope that it will turn back on, at least not for the moment.

No Choice

With Mary continuing to give him the cold shoulder, I couldn’t blame Francis one bit for going back to Lola and rekindling their friendship. He has been beyond valiant in his attempts to do anything and everything Mary needed to heal, but none of it has worked. Mary has turned him away and practically ordered him to another woman’s bed. After all of that, I might have expected him to seek more than just friendship with Lola, but he didn’t. He’s still acting the gentleman and only went to her for companionship and the closeness he wasn’t getting in his own bedchamber. My heart is starting to feel like Francis’ at this point. Mary has rejected him so much that I almost wish he would be with Lola – just so I could see him happy again.

Brothers Against Brothers

Oh Narcisse, you sly, sly man. I knew he had something up his sleeve when he was trying so hard to get on the queen’s good side. I should have known his plans went well beyond being little more than a simpering manservant to Catherine. It pained me to think of Condé being involved in a plot to kill Henry because he obviously would have done it before having feelings for Mary. Francis and Bash had so much evidence against Condé and Antoine, there was little doubt what had happened and I wondered if we were going to see a beheading.

Condé forced Antoine’s hand and confronted Bash about the death of their brother, which of course put them first in line should anything happen to Bash. It was a brilliant move by Condé, but I knew it wouldn’t put Antoine off his plan. Is it wrong to be happy that Bash is the target of Antoine’s wrath? While it will be sad to see him in danger or to see Antoine break his marriage with Kenna apart, it’s also kind of nice to have a story that will revolve around him.

Another Alliance

I fell for the story that Narcisse cooked up about who the real poisoner was, but I should have realized that Antoine was truly behind it. The ramifications of that little alliance are going to be rough to watch. Now Condé knows his brother was really the culprit and that he is not only an inadvertent part of a plot to kill the king, but also an inadvertent liar to the woman he loves. Narcisse gathering power once again, which can’t be good for anyone at court.

Greer’s New Career

We finally found out what was happening with Greer and it was both better than I feared and worse than I thought. I was worried she might be sleeping in an alley, shivering in the cold and begging for scraps of food in the street. So I was relieved when I saw her staying in an inn. She may have been drinking her meals and it was sad that she had to resort to some delicate begging to ask for some real dinner, but it could have been much worse. Then, of course, it did get worse.

Greer had a chance to become a lady’s servant, but that was ruined when the whore she had helped came in screaming about her hair. I don’t think Greer ever thought she would be a madam, but it is an intriguing direction for her to go. I’m not sure how I feel about Greer becoming some hardened woman out in the real world and I would be truly heartbroken if she had to resort to whoring herself. Yet, I can’t help but to be excited by the prospect of seeing where this story takes her. She’s a fish out of water at the moment and it could make for some fun storylines.

What did you think of this episode of Reign? Whose story surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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