Grey’s Anatomy “All I Could Do Was Cry” Review (Season 11 Episode 11)

In last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, April and Jackson faced a sad reality, Catherine returned to comfort her son and daughter-in-law, Amelia was haunted by the past while trying to find ways to provide a future for her patients and Meredith demonstrated extremely poor judgment in her decision not to hire the spectacular nanny she interviewed a few weeks ago. Let’s review . . .


As suspected by Arizona’s involvement of the “big gun,” the news about April and Jackson’s baby was not good. Dr. Herman revealed that baby Avery had a Type 2 osteogenesis imperfecta diagnosis, which meant that, as an infant, he was at high risk for fatality within days of being born. There was also a chance for bone fractures in the womb. Understandably, the couple was devastated by the news and April was crushed by the idea that her unborn child could be experiencing pain due to fractured bones in the place where he is supposed to be safe.

It was nice to see Catherine return to Grey Sloan to provide comfort to April and Jackson. In the past, Catherine has not always been the warm, fuzzy type, so it was refreshing to see her be calm and nurturing. At Catherine’s urging, April and Jackson came up with a plan – induce labor, baptize the baby and love on him for as long as they could. It was a sound plan, but the execution was understandably difficult.

Jesse Williams, Sarah Drew and Debbie Allen all gave excellent performances in last night’s episode. Drew, in particular, did a great job at portraying April’s struggle with her faith and portraying the understandable frustration that after all her years of belief she was not owed a better set of circumstances or at least a miracle to save her unborn child.

I liked the choice by the writers to show that the other doctors are clearly aware of what is happening with April and Jackson and that they care about their colleagues without needlessly shoehorning them into the storyline. I’d be remiss, however, if I did not comment on the doctors’ questionable timing as they brainstormed ideas of what to do for April and Jackson in the middle of the ER/trauma center. Classic Grey Sloan Memorial! Ultimately, Amelia’s suggestion of simply lighting a candle and saying a prayer resonated with them, as we saw later in the episode.

I poke fun at the Grey Sloan doctors for working during the height of a personal crisis, but it turned out to be exactly what April needed. I liked the choices the show made in allowing viewers to see Jackson and April welcoming the wee baby Sam and then skipping ahead to them leaving the hospital without him. Watching April and Jackson hold their son until he passed away and their reaction to such a painful event would have been extremely difficult to watch and a tad too melodramatic, even for a show like Grey’s Anatomy.

I have only one nitpick about the April/Jackson storyline from last night’s episode – the flashback images. The images did not add anything to the story that was not already well captured by the actors’ performances. I continue to like April and Jackson as characters, but I do not look back at their history as this great, romantic story. In fact, I hated most of how April and Jackson came together, up to and including their marriage, so I would rather not be reminded of it. Besides, I’m way more interested in how April and Jackson change after what was unquestionably a life-altering experience. It should give Williams and Drew more opportunities to display their talents, which is good for the show.

Meredith Still Needs A Nanny

Normally, Meredith hitting up her colleagues for a babysitter and for someone to cover her shift so that she could fly to DC for “emergency sex” with Derek might not be something I would even note in a review. However, Meredith’s need for a sitter indicated to me that she did not hire the super nanny we were introduced to a few weeks ago. Has Meredith lost her mind? That woman was basically Mary freaking Poppins. I suppose as viewers we are not supposed to focus on the fact that Meredith passed on a great nanny and instead, marvel at her and Maggie growing closer and wonder about whatever super secret stuff Meredith is really up to – as suggested in the previews of next week’s episode. I’m all in favor of Maggie and Meredith’s relationship growing and Maggie sounds like she is a fun aunt – as long as the kiddies don’t want to crawl into bed with her. Ha! I’m interested to learn what Meredith is doing in her spare time these days – doesn’t appear that it is her husband.

Thoughts From The Grey Sloan Memorial Surgical Observation Deck

– Although I was a hardcore Private Practice fan, I plumb forgot that Amelia lost a baby on the show. I kept wondering why she was so on edge the entire episode and of course, her reminder in the chapel refreshed my memory. Love the friendship between Owen and Amelia. I try to avoid ‘shipping on Grey’s Anatomy because relationships often play out like a game of musical chairs, but I really think Amelia and Owen would make a great couple – if both actors are in it for the long haul. I’ve grown exhausted of break-ups mandated by actor/actress departures as well.

– I must give kudos to Sarah Drew once again for her excellent performance and her ability to deal with such material while she was actually pregnant.

– I want to be more invested in Amelia’s quest to save Dr. Herman’s life. I love Amelia as a character, so I’m rooting for her. Dr. Herman, on the other hand, is a bit of an asshole at times. I understand the pragmatism of having April and Jackson sign the death certificate ahead of time, but her approach just stinks. She made the right call in taking Arizona off the case and I appreciate the narrative in last night’s episode about the necessity for doctors to be detached. None of that, however, makes me feel like Dr. Herman is any less of a jerk.

– The main patient of the week was a hot, duck hunting, surprise pregnancy mess! In an otherwise somber episode, it was nice to see at least one couple experience a miracle.

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