Supernatural “Halt & Catch Fire” Review (Season 10 Episode 13) – Dean Finds His Peace

Supernatural Halt Catch Fire Season 10 Episode 13 07

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Halt & Catch Fire,” the boys go on an old-fashioned ghost hunt with a new twist and Dean finds a way to deal with the Mark.

It’s not often when I can say that two episodes in a row are both so spectacular that I have added them to list of all-time favorites, but Supernatural has delivered that this season. I had tons of praise for last week’s trip into Teen Dean Land and now I am in love with how this old-fashioned ghost hunt gave us both the old Dean we love and a new Dean I am infatuated with.

In my latest Supernatural Chat article, I listed out all the reasons I wanted Dean to keep the Mark of Cain a little while longer and one of those was that it added more depth to his character. The truth is I like where the MoC has taken Dean and the challenges that it has given him. I wanted to see how he would continue to live with it and what methods he would use to overcome it.

It looks like all it took was a good old-fashioned monster hunt to remind him what his true purpose in life is. A lot has happened to Dean since he was that 26-year-old guy who went to get his brother from college. Back then all Dean wanted was to find his father, which became a desire to complete the work his dad started. Since then, Sam and Dean have died, gone to Hell and Purgatory, brought on Apocalypses, stopped Apocalypses, been possessed by demons and become them, and been forced to do things they once thought only monsters did. It’s easy to see how Dean could have lost his way, especially with something like the MoC weighing on his soul.

But once Dean was back in his element, he re-discovered again what his purpose was and it was so simple that you could almost see how he missed it: Hunting, saving people. The case itself was one of the most fun one I’ve seen in a while. There’s just something about hunting for a vengeful spirit that makes me smile. Cold breath, the salt, the iron, the EMF meter, it’s like opening up a box of stuff from my childhood and wanting to hug my old teddy bear. Maybe I don’t need to see a ghost hunt in every episode, but I do enjoy it when it happens.

The case took Dean so far out of the world he’s been living in that he got to re-experience the joy he used to find in hunting. We saw him eating junk food again, lusting after co-eds, trading jabs with Sam and basically having a grand old time. This was the world he knew and it was that world that showed him where his peace was. Give Sam and Dean an angry ghost, even a ghost sneaky enough to travel through Wifi, and they knew how to fight it. When the salt and all their usual methods didn’t work, they were still able to find a solution. They saved a girl and were even able to give a spirit peace without destroying it. No wonder Dean was so happy when it was all over.

Now that Dean has decided to just fight the Mark, I wonder if that means we are close to seeing him lose it. I would hate to see that happen, but it would be just like the show to let us see Dean find some peace before changing things up on him again.

My favorite bits:

Dean eating a croissookie. I now want one. Damn you, Dean.

Sam announcing that Cas had discovered river boat gambling. I’m really going to need to see that.

Dean apologizing to Sam for making him leave college.

Sam informing Delilah that Dean had just learned how to poke on Facebook.

Dean telling Sam to Google “the truck thing.”

The entire conversation about what Dean would do to Sam if he drove Baby and stunk her up with taquitos.

Aw, the EMF meter. I love that thing. Never get tired of seeing it pop up every once in a while.

Dean actually making me a little nauseous with the amount, and the different types, of food he got at the cafeteria. Pizza, Chinese noodles and frozen yogurt does not a good combo make.

Dean’s reaction to discovering that nothing ever really got deleted off the internet. Ha!

The kids demonstrating the kind of people I hate to see when I’m driving. Too interested in their phones to actually, you know, drive.

Sam and Dean breaking out the salt.

Dean opening up to Delilah about the mistake he made and how he dealt with the guilt.

Andrew chasing Dean and Delilah all the way through the building.

Dean trying to have a heart-to-heart chat with a pissed-off ghost. Interesting that he had knew a thing or two about letting the rage turn you into something you didn’t recognize.

Dean telling Andrew he had to choose between pain or peace.

Corey talking Andrew into letting go and moving on.

Dean: “My peace is helping people, working cases, that’s all I want to do.”

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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