Suits “Fork in the Road” Review (Season 4 Episode 13) – Road Trips Heal All

Suits - Season 4

In this episode of Suits, called “Fork in the Road,” Harvey decides to play peacemaker and brings Louis and Mike on a road trip so the two of them can figure out their crap.

Remember what I said about the midseason premiere a couple weeks ago and how hard it was to see Louis so mean and how much I wish everyone could just get along for even a little while? Well, I’m not exactly taking that back, but I am saying that it was all worth it. If I had to suffer the torture of that first tumultuous episode where everyone was at each other’s throats just so we could get to this absolutely gorgeous installment then I would happily do that again and again. I never thought I’d see something as glorious as Harvey taking Mike and Louis on a road trip in an episode that also included some fantastic flashbacks, but that’s exactly what we got.

The flashbacks showed us some important moments in everyone’s lives. We found out the exact instant Mike wanted to be more than a bike messenger and put everything behind him. We know none of it worked out but it was good to see that his intentions were always good. Maybe we needed to see that so we’d know when he told Louis he wasn’t a fraud, he really meant it.

We also saw a time when Harvey and Louis tried working together, but that didn’t work out, either. Again, it was good to see their intentions though and to know that the seed of their friendship was planted long before. But Hardman just had to get in there and pit them against each other. Harvey took to the challenge immediately, but fought hard to keep his integrity and loyalty to Louis. Yet once again, Louis went in with the best of intentions but ended up taking things a little too far.

In the present, Harvey was like a dad trying to get his sons to reconcile after a particularly heinous fight. Both of them had reason to be upset, but they also needed to get over it. I think Harvey’s training as a lawyer is going to be a real boon when he becomes a father. He knew exactly when to push Mike and Louis and when to leave them alone. They didn’t want to say anything to each other, but he forced them to until their anger was nearly boiling over. That’s when Harvey gave them that one final push and then left them alone. I know he was standing inside that convenience store, watching through the window, and only came out when he thought Louis might actually hurt Mike. Like I said, excellent father material right there.

Harvey knew things had to get out of control before it would get better. Sometimes people, especially two men as strong-willed as Mike and Louis, just need to have it out before they can let go. When it was all over and the dust had cleared, all three of them were back on the same side again and I got to see that special bond between Mike and Louis that I love so much. Nothing will compare to what Mike and Harvey have together, of course, but Mike and Louis have something completely different and yet nearly as special and I was really happy to see that back again. As I said before, I would happily go through another fight just to see them makeup as spectacularly next time.

My favorite bits:

Donna pointing out that giving advice didn’t mean that that person had to follow that same advice.

Really wanting a copy of The Book of Donna. If there was a Church of Donna, I would go there to worship.

Harvey and Jessica arguing basketball. Just proves you can’t put two lawyers in a room without them arguing about something.

Finding out Donna could have Louis held captive in a Tibetan monastery if she wanted to. I don’t doubt that one bit.

Louis knowing full well what Harvey and Donna had planned for him, well, except for the drinks being spilled on him.

The entire “dickfoot” conversation.

Harvey telling Hardman that it was Louis’ idea, and Louis saying it was both of them.

Mike and Louis realizing they’d been had by Harvey.

Thinking “Nowhere to Run” was an appropriate song for Louis and Mike.

Harvey deciding when Louis and Harvey did and didn’t deserve to enjoy music. Talk about playing dad.

Harvey’s law school graduation photo. That is all.

OMG, Louis and Harvey just had a cargument. That. Was. Awesome. (Sorry to any non-Hawaii Five-0 fans who have no idea what that is).

Fart-taster? That’s even better than dickfoot.

Donna telling Harvey he had no choice but to go to Louis for help.

Seeing Mike’s gran again.

Aw man, for a second there, I really thought we were going to see Harvey, Mike and Louis playing Eye Spy.

Harvey’s face when he knew things were getting out of control.

Nathan dropping Mike’s work in the trash. Oops. I had a feeling that was going too smoothly.

Harvey first making sure that Mike was okay, then his look when he spotted Louis sobbing.

Mike admitting to Louis the reason he never learned to drive.

“You’re not a fraud, Mike. You just never went to law school.” – Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who got teary-eyed at that line.

Harvey handing drinks to “Frazier” and “Ali.” Papa Harvey and his two naughty boys. So adorable I could die.

Jessica telling Rachel she had a dad just like hers.

Mike: “I would’ve gotten out eventually.”
Harvey: “Not from where I was standing.”

Harvey realizing his job was done when Louis started fighting for Mike.

Louis offering to teach Mike to drive on the way home. So. Much. Aw.

Mike: “You don’t trust me?”
Harvey: “I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, you’re a goodamn fraud.”
Louis: “That’s what I said.” – That whole scene. I can’t.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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