Playing a Game with the Hosts of MTV’s ‘Broke A$$ Game Show’

Broke Ass Game Show 01

Yesterday I got to hang out with the hosts of MTV’s new half-hour comedy, Broke A$$ Game Show, Derek Gaines and David Magidoff. We played a special game of “Swollen Heads” (which you can see in the show) in which they read a silly Twitter quote and the contestants need to guess which celeb said it by lifting one of two giant paddles with different celeb’s faces on them. It’s fun!

In Broke A$$ Game Show, Gaines and Magidoff hit the streets of New York City to lure unsuspecting contestants into taking part in some seriously fun, yet sometimes twisted games that push their personal limits all for some cold, hard cash.

Broke A$$ Game Show airs on Thursdays at 11pm. You can watch our game as well as a preview for the show below.

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