The Mysteries of Laura “The Mystery Of The Popped Pugilist” Review (Season 1 Episode 14)

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

In this episode of The Mysteries of Laura, called “The Mystery Of The Popped Pugilist,” Laura and Jake battle it out to see who can solve the murder of a boxer first.

Nice try, show. I know you gave us all those lovely Laura/Jake moments last week as a tease. I had a feeling we were going to see all that taken away as soon as it happened and I was right. It’s a good thing this episode was so darn good or I might have been angry about that.

I thought it was great that Laura got back together with her old friends from “book club.” I was suspicious about Laura being a part of a real book club, so I wasn’t surprised to find out that it was just a name she and her friends gave their wild party nights. Laura’s had to deal with a divorce, raising her kids mostly on her own, a relationship with her ex whose also her boss and jumping back into dating. Those are the kinds of things a woman needs her girlfriends around for so it’s great that she has some back in her life.

But of course the best part of having girlfriends is just getting out and having some fun. Laura proved that she’s no longer the lightweight of the group and even went so far as to use Food Truck Tony to dominate as “That Guy.” All while keeping one part of her mind on the case and coming up with a way to solve it while she was out getting plastered with her friends. That’s what I call multitasking.

While it wasn’t as wild and crazy as a night out at book club, Billy and Meredith had some fun in this episode, too. They played the perfect high-rolling couple. Meredith had me on the floor with her Jersey girl imitation and I got so into her as that character I was almost sorry we didn’t get to see her and Donna get into a smackdown. Billy had some fun with Max, too, enjoying how much Max hated that terrible statue he put on his desk. I wonder if we’re about to see that thing turn into the pawn of a war. I can see it now: Max steals it from Billy’s desk every chance he gets and tries to hide it, but Billy’s always one step ahead of him.

When all the fun was over and the case was solved, Laura had some realizations about where her life has ended up. She’s been concentrating so much on just being a mom and doing her job that she hasn’t opened herself up to other relationships. She realized that she needed people, grown-up people, in her life that she could depend on but who could also depend on her. Part of that void will be filled by her friends, but part of it has to be filled by someone closer than that. As she danced with Tony, Laura realized she really liked him but experience told her that that could get her into trouble. Will she overcome those fears to let someone close to her again? We’ll have to wait and see.

My favorite bits:

Billy: “Guy never met a press conference he didn’t like.”
Max: “The camera does love him.”

Finding out that Laura was once temporarily engaged to a Backstreet Boy. Now that sounds like my kind of book club.

Max immediately jumping on board with Laura getting back into book club.

Laura coming face to face with her doorman nemesis.

Laughing as hard as Billy when the dragster called Laura “Lucille Balls.”

Laura coming this close to jumping up on stage.

The doorman taking down their toupe’d perp. I seriously need to see him in every episode.

Max’s reaction to that awful statue on Billy’s desk.

Finding out that the awful statue was called the Heisman Cupid.

Max: “It’s eyes are following me.”
Billy: “They’re not even open.”
Max: “That’s even creepier.”

Meredith happily snarfing down that disgusting pizza.

Laura’s entire conversation with Vince.

Finding out that Jake used to box. Who else he has to go undercover in the ring? Just sayin’.

Poor Max discovering that he was the only one in the room who didn’t know what “MMA” stood for.

Max accusing Jake of being able to see through his tablet.

Feeling a little bad that Jake and Billy didn’t get their road trip.

Billy and Jake’s undercover identities. Meredith was awesome as the Jersey girl.

Laura cheating and killing it at “That Guy.”

Meredith and Donna getting ready to take each other down. I loved how Donna said she was going to keep her rings on.

Laura not being able to help saying who the murderer was before Jake.

Max trying to take the Heisman Cupid away from Billy.

Laura realizing that she liked Food Truck Tony and, in her experience, that meant trouble.

What did you think of this episode of The Mysteries of Laura? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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