How To Get Away With Murder “She’s a Murderer” Review (Season 1, Episode 12)


“She’s taking care of us.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. After last week’s lackluster outing (minus the final reveal) I wanted an episode that gave me the same rush as the pilot. Hot damn did “She’s a Murderer” deliver. It may be my favorite one so far. I already knew within 10 minutes I was going to get what I asked for. Everything aligned. And I did not expect that ending. It blindsided me. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did. Let’s break everything down.

– NATE IS ARRESTED FOR THE MURDER OF SAM KEATING. Here’s the million dollar question: is he in on it? How to Get Away with Murder blurs things so well that I honestly don’t know. He didn’t look very surprised when the police knocked on his door. Is that due to being privy to a prior plan with Annalise or just finally realizing that the woman was going to protect herself at all cost? The latter choice is the more interesting, but I’m not sure the writers are going to make Annalise that unlikable. Not only is the man innocent; his wife is stricken with cancer. Of course he is the perfect candidate to take the fall though. He’s Annalise’s lover. He’s a disgraced cop. His wife is going to die. What else do he have to lose? Better him be locked away than 4 students with so much more they can accomplish. Really, I should have seen it coming. Kicking myself now.

– Not only is Frank a possible hit man and expert car stealer but also very adept at lifting finger prints off glasses and putting them on rings. With each episode the character has become more and more intriguing. I need a flashback of how he and Annalise met.

– I knew previous tenant Rudy wasn’t dead. I did not expect him to be in jail though- much less having been turned in by Rebecca. He’s still my pick as Lila’s killer.

– Bonnie reverted back to her pilot self. She was visibly shaken due to learning of Sam’s death at the beginning of the hour, but by the end, she was more determined than I’ve ever seen. Perhaps Bonnie is even more loyal to Annalise than Frank, enough to tell her boss outright not to take the fall for the students (who she knows killed Sam). Why Bonnie doesn’t seem concerned about the act possibly being done in self-defense is beyond me, but that whole fact is being ignored by everyone else (sigh) so why not her. That determination ever so slightly (slightly being the key word) makes me question if she was involved in Lila’s murder. Great work by Liza Weil in her speech to Annalise.

More Thoughts As I Wear That Scarlet A

– I gained more respect for Connor and Laurel this episode. Michaela is losing it quickly though. In the case of Connor versus Michaela, the former feels more sincere in the regret over his bad choices. The latter just doesn’t garner my sympathy.

– This outing had very little Wes which I think helped it immensely. Out of all the people on screen, his character is the least engaging.

– Marcia Gay Harden was a brilliant choice to bring in as Hannah Keating. She’s one of the few people I can see tackling Viola Davis and did shrill without being annoying. Can’t wait to have Cicely Tyson as Mama Keating in the mix next week.

– I’m not going to delve into the semantics of the Lombardo case other than Annalise killed it yet again in the courtroom, and it provided colorful characters in Paul and Leo.

– Asher also didn’t have much to do this time either, but Matt McGorry’s Brando impression made me laugh out loud.

*Bring on next Thursday folks*