The 100 “Rubicon” Review (Season 2 Episode 12)

Frequently while watching The 100, I remember the ending of the pilot, where Jasper was run through with a spear. It was a jolting moment, but one that was pretty quickly undone as the group miraculously saved Jasper’s life. The reason I remember it so much is that it’s always felt like the show used all of its easy outs in that moment; since then, the show has frequently punished and beaten its characters, allow-ing extreme, deadly situations to play out to their grim conclusion.

You can see that mentality in several moments throughout this episode, from Clarke going along with Lexa’s plan to let the bomb hit to Jasper and the 48’s failed attempt and rebellion. That’s not to say things don’t eventually go the way we want them to, but even then it can be extremely dark to watch. Following their failed rebellion, a bit of help from Bellamy allowed the 48 to take over level 5 by letting several guards and Tsing to die by radiation poisoning. IT’s grim stuff, regardless of which side it’s happening to.

Of course, every moment spent in Mount Weather makes me all the more desperate to see the place torn down. Now that Cage is in charge, things have only grown worse for the surviving members of the 48. It was one thing to see the kids being tortured in secret, but having things out in the open allowed Cage to take things to a new level. They’ve basically been thrown in to a concentration camp, held until Dr. Tsing can drain them of marrow until – and even after – they die. Tsing’s death was gruesome, but not necessarily undeserved.

One of the more hopeful moments in this episode was when Octavia found Lincoln and gave him a much needed reality check. Sure, she was berating him for being weak, but it was another strong mo-ment for Octavia, whose journey from passive survivor to badass warrior has been one of the best parts of the season, and it’s highlighted in her reunion with Lincoln.

Meanwhile, Jaha’s small band of travelers continued to wander the desert in an attempt to find the City of Light. Though they were betrayed by the desert woman they helped, she ultimately forged enough of a bond with Murphy to give them some vague directions. It’s interesting watching Murphy’s redemption arc, as the show is doing a good job portraying his self-loathing while also keeping him a snarky jerk. His developing friendship/faith in Jaha also does wonders for the character, giving him a purpose and something to believe in.

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