Person of Interest “Guilty” Review (Season 4 Episode 14)

Person of Interest Guilty Season 4 Episode 14 02

This week’s Person of Interest feels like we’ve jumped into a time machine and traveled back to season one. The machine is once again calling the shots, while Reese and Finch rush to protect the latest person of interest. The Samaritan conflict is temporarily off the radar, as is the search for Shaw and now Root. The straightforward, procedural storyline feels like a pallet cleanser before we begin the main course of machine versus Samaritan.

The person of interest is a mild-mannered, retired schoolteacher, played by the wonderful Blair Brown. You can always count on this show for some great guest stars. She is being strong-armed into fixing a murder trial through jury tampering. The machine pulls out all the stops to make sure that Finch is right there beside her. It takes Team Machine some time to figure out why she’s manipulating the jury, even though they get some help from one of my favorite characters – Zoe Morgan.

The return of Zoe brings lots of sly smiles between her and Reese. It’s pretty obvious they’ve hooked up. While Zoe is willing to do so again, Reese hesitates. Zoe thinks Reese has fallen for another woman. This may be true as Reese decides to continue seeing his psychiatrist even after he’s been cleared for duty. I don’t like where this relationship may be heading. There’s something wildly inappropriate about pairing a patient with his doctor. The doctor’s empathy is part of her job – it’s not meant to be an overture of love for her patient. Reese bottles up a lot of his emotions, so you can’t blame him for being drawn to a sympathetic ear. But, that’s where it needs to stop. I definitely prefer Reese with Zoe and loved Finch’s remark, “Saying ‘no’ to Miss Morgan never was your strong suit, was it?”

Finch and Reese eventually figure out that the real threat is another juror – a hitman who’s been hired to ensure a guilty verdict. This wasn’t necessarily the most exciting person of interest storyline. It felt like filler. However, we get a glimpse into an upcoming storyline involving Dominic and Elias that looks promising. The feud between those two has been on the backburner for a while, and it’s time to watch these two criminal titans battle it out.

One thing I particularly liked about this episode was Fusco’s story. Reese didn’t understand that the way he pushed Fusco out of the group was harsh. I like that Fusco didn’t back down in defeat. He got up in Reese’s face and told him that he’ll take his chances and that he’s going to help. By accepting Fusco’s help, Reese and Finch acknowledge that Fusco is a member of the team and they need him. This is a nice lesson that even as Team Machine seems to be falling apart, it’s still strong at its core.

Next week looks like we’re jumping back in with Samaritan. The suggestion is made in the preview that the machine is going on the offensive against Samaritan. I wholeheartedly support that. I’m tired of our main characters looking like a bunch of scaredy cat chumps.