Criminal Minds “Scream” Review (Season 10 Episode 15)

Criminal Minds Scream Season 10 Episode 15 01

I was saying just last week how rare it is for Criminal Minds to have “previously on…” scenes to open the episode when last week’s installment started with those, but now “Scream” started with them as well! They definitely seem to be continuing the new trend of more serialized storylines and episodes this season. Where most episodes in the past have been standalone cases that anyone can jump into without any knowledge of past events, the writers are finally deciding in the 10th season that they want to reward the long-time viewers by introducing a few recurring storylines and characters.

The opening seemed like it was going for a classic Criminal Minds misdirect, where something totally different is going on than what we thought. However, you could immediately tell that the neat and tidy guy was a killer. After seeing how clean he was I would be surprised if he wasn’t a killer. Maybe it’s because of the disturbing vacant look on his face, or the fact that he spread his jam with a spoon, but you just knew this guy was up to no good.

After the opening scene we got a little scene at Kate’s house, where we meet her husband Chris played by Heroes‘ Greg Grunberg. We also caught up with the previously introduced Meg, who we already saw talking to some creep online with her friend a few months ago. It’s been so long since that strange scene that I thought they might have forgotten about it, so I was excited to see it included in the “previously on” scenes because that meant that we’d be getting more development on that story. What we did get at the end was suitably disturbing and creepy, and I’m sure we’ll be meeting this shady child predator in the next couple episodes.

As for the case itself, it turns out the Unsub was a social worker who was preying on abused women so that he could reenact the abusive relationship of his father and mother. Look, I get that all of the Unsubs on this show are freaks in one way or another, but it takes a special kind of scum to pick on women who are victims of domestic violence. Maybe it’s just because of all of the recent controversies about domestic violence coming out of the NFL or that weird SuperBowl PSA, but it just seemed to be in poor taste for the writers to make an Unsub victimizing abused women. I know that everybody and everything has been a victim on this show at one point or another, but tonight’s just didn’t sit well with me personally. Maybe you didn’t have that problem, though.

What did you guys think of the episode? Did the Unsub bother you, or is anything up for grabs in fiction? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– The opening scene of the extremely clean cut and tidy serial killer getting ready for the day reminded me of the opening credits sequence for Dexter. Man, remember that show? Remember when it was good?

– It looks like CSI will most likely be getting cancelled after this season, which will make Criminal Minds the second longest running CBS procedural after NCIS. Movin’ on up!

– If anyone was wondering what that song the Unsub was playing during his reenactments, it was “Great Big Bundle of Love” by Brenton Wood. I wonder what the clearance procedures are for this kind of stuff. Do they have to disclose when they secure the rights that this song will be played while a psycho beats abused women up with a baseball bat?