Scorpion “Love Boat” Review Season 1 Episode 16

Scorpion Love Boat Episode 16 01

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” it was off to the high seas for romance and adventure, in the amusingly-titled “Love Boat.” When a thug by the name of Christoph (Michael Filipowich, “24”)- or so they think- and his henchmen rob a truck carrying shoulder rocket launchers, Cabe springs the team into action to hopefully hack into the rockets and defang them before they can be used for even more nefarious deeds. The problem? The team tracks the rockets to a luxury liner, giving them just shy of twenty minutes to disarm the rockets before the ship disembarks.

Alas, time is not on their side, and Walter isn’t able to disarm the rockets in time, so they had no choice but to set sail along with the passengers until he could. Also onboard were Cabe, assisting Walter; and Sylvester and Paige, who were posing as a filthy rich couple as their cover, in order to sneak the former onto the ship in the first place without raising questions. Meanwhile, Happy and Toby assisted on land, back at the team’s headquarters.

Unfortunately, one of Christoph’s henchmen catches Cabe sneaking around the storage hull and a fight ensues, during which the henchman gets away. He, of course, alerts Christoph, who then proceeds to have the Captain shut down the ship and call everyone into the casino, where he takes all their electronics and holds them hostage. That done, he proceeds to go through the ship’s manifest to check all the passengers one by one to see who stands out as an imposter.

Realizing their fake ID’s won’t hold up, Paige tries to stall by saying she left hers in her room, but Christoph figures it out and informs Walter via intercom that he has her at gunpoint and will shoot if they don’t bring him his rockets, which they had since relocated elsewhere on the ship. Walter agrees, and ultimately offers himself up as a hostage in place of Paige, but gets an unexpected savior in Sylvester, who manages to crawl into an air duct and onto the deck and then heroically jumps onto the life raft the bad guys have assembled in, capsizing it and giving everyone time to rectify the situation.

By then, Walter has realized that Christoph is actually not who he says he is, and that the Captain (Patrick Fabian, “Better Call Saul”) is actually the real Christoph. Cabe manages to subdue him when the Navy arrives and blows their horn, distracting him. The faux Christoph ends up meeting a far-worse fate when he’s sucked into the ship’s motor and is torn to shreds. Meanwhile, Walter manages to save Sly from a similar fate after Happy walks Paige through shutting down the ship’s engines and he is able to get him onboard the raft.

This was an entertaining episode with some genuinely exciting and fun moments, from Happy hijacking a nearby Japanese sub’s computer as “Ralphy-boy” and using it to fire a missile at another missile shot by the faux-Christoph once he learns that Cabe has already sent in the Navy via a helicopter; to a cute bit with Toby wiring up some fireworks to impress a girl Ralph has a crush on at school. (Not sure about the ramifications of the former or the safety of the latter, but it made for fun viewing, at least!)

We also got to see Sly play the hero again, which is always welcome. I laughed out loud when he declared: “Chaz Bonesteel ain’t going out like this!” and promptly fell flat on his face, then cheered when he yelled “Bonesteeeeeel!” as he jumped off the ship onto the raft. Maybe his faux-millionaire name will become Sly’s alter ego from here on out when he needs to do something out-of-character to save the day. Though it stopped short of his telling Walter that he was crushing on his sister Megan. I guess love is scarier than saving the day! Reverse baby steps, I suppose.

Speaking of which, we also met Janice (Kelley Jakle, the “Pitch Perfect” movies), Walter’s ex, who informed him that she didn’t break up with him because he did something wrong, per se, but that he had clearly lost interest in her. When he asked her for love advice of his own, she said to be sure that the attraction he had was real before diving into something next time.

Alas, that meant that he bailed on a proposed Valentine’s Day dinner with Paige- albeit one disguised as a “work”-related one- after having second thoughts on whether that attraction was mutual. His loss was Sly’s gain though, as he turned over the reservations to him, never realizing he’d just given them over to his own sister Megan, aka the object of Sly’ affection. Walter also didn’t notice the reaction that Paige had to the presence of Janice on the ship- clearly he’s not the only one with feelings for someone.

Honestly, it’s just as well. Romances tend to bog down things on shows like this, and we’ve already got the burgeoning Toby/Happy thing happening, and that’s enough for now. I really like those two as a couple, and I like that it tends to be one step forward, two steps back for them, due to Toby’s mismanaging of nearly everything.

I definitely think they should focus on those two in the short term before moving forward on the Paige/Walter thing. Save the latter relationship for when Drew’s job out-of-state becomes a reality and its Paige that needs to make a choice whether to stay or go. That makes more sense from a narrative standpoint, anyway.

All in all, another solid episode, I thought. What did you think of the latest “Scorpion”? Which relationship are you ‘shipping more: Paige and Walter, Happy and Toby, or Sly and Megan? What did you think of Chaz Bonesteel? Would you like to see more of him? What kind of case would you like to see the team tackle next? Sound off down below deck, and I’ll see you next time!