The Originals “The Devil is Damned” Review Season 2 Episode 13

The Originals The Devil is Damned Season 2 Episode 13 02

In an- ahem- explosive episode of “The Originals,” things came to a head with the Finn vs. Everyone situation finally, in “The Devil is Damned.” Oddly, things began with sister Freya seeking out not Klaus, but Finn and helping him discover the location of baby Hope. Was she intentionally setting him up to die at the hands of his brother, knowing that he would likely die in the process? Or did she believe that Klaus and company were, in fact, the bad guys, and thought that Finn could defeat them? If it was the latter, then why didn’t she go along, just in case? Or did she, and it was her who stopped the truck when Camille and Hope approached?

Personally, I think Freya did want the baby to die, after she discovered of its existence. After all, it was bound to bring Dahlia running, and she’d already gotten the short end of the stick there, as we discovered that Dahlia had put a curse on Freya whereby she was put to sleep for a hundred years, and only allowed a year to be awake before it was back to sleep again for another century. While she had managed to evade Dahlia for the time being, the curse was still in effect, making her time limited. So, getting rid of Hope would certainly help keep Dahlia at bay.

The other possibility is that Freya isn’t who she says she is, and is, in fact, Dahlia herself. Thus, she sent Finn to take care of Hope first, just in case the Mikaelsons had something up their sleeves, which they obviously did. True, she did make Finn aware of who she was by referencing an event from their past, but it was just general enough that it could have been a fake-out, so you never know. Also, I personally think it was Hope who stopped the truck, not Freya- or Dahlia, as the case may be. After all, it makes sense that she would have impressive powers, with all those hybrid genes running through her.

So, Finn sent Kol on a wild goose chase to keep him and everyone occupied while he made his way to Hope, and Kol, thankfully, opted to go all in on Klaus and Rebekah having his back, even though they had every reason to hate him. Though it was by no means an easy process, with Klaus and Kol at turns both trying to kill one another, eventually Klaus put his trust in Kol just enough to get the job done, even to the point of giving him the white oak stake and allowing him to draw power from him in the same way that Finn had from their parents.

The idea was to overload Finn with power so that he would have to body jump or die, thus removing him from where Hope was in the process. It worked, more or less, but the finishing stroke was Elijah, who after getting stabbed with various farm implements and thrown through a wall, realized that Finn had broke the gas main and flooded the house with gas. So, Elijah simply removed his daylight ring and viola: instant explosion! I hope the Mikaelsons have good insurance on that house!

So, I assume that Elijah will be fine, as only a white oak stake can kill them, and they’ve been set on fire/exploded in the past on “The Vampire Diaries,” so we know that that doesn’t do the trick, either. I also assume that the event did indeed cause Finn to body jump, as planned. Not sure where, but I’m sure he’ll be back. The real question is: where is Freya and what is she really up to? (Or if she’s really Freya at all, for that matter.)

Guess we’ll have to wait on that one until next week, obviously. In the meantime, the spell was lifted from Marcel’s vampires, albeit not before they and the wolves got into it on the wolves’ land off in the woods. From the looks of things, there were lots of casualties, so I’m guessing that the already-uneasy truce between them is going to be on shaky ground- hence Hayley wanting her and Jackson to get married sooner than later. Also a good thing: it seems that Kol and the rest of the family have finally learned to work together again. If family means as much to Freya as she claims it does, then that should be a good thing in her eyes. If it is even Freya.

All in all, this was an action-packed, exciting episode that moved at a quick pace and was never boring, to say the least. Yes, there was a lot of wild goose chasing with Finn’s scheming, but it had a point to it, and it worked for me, personally. I was also genuinely impressed once again with how much Klaus has grown over the years. Yes, he’s still quick to anger, and it almost always causes grief and proves that he’s his own worst enemy, but in the end, he managed to control himself and trust in Kol enough to get the job done, once Kol figured out what was really going on, with Hope still being alive. That’s definitely progress by Klaus’ standards.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you happy with the resolution of the Finn story? So far, at least? Do you think Freya is who she claims to be? Or is she really Dahlia posing as Freya, trying to find out the location of Hope so that she can abduct her? Will Hope allow herself to be abducted? Or will she lay waste to Freya/Dahlia? Did she, in fact, shut off that truck? Does she possess the gift of second sight? (How else would she have known to shut down the truck?) Sound off below with your thoughts and predictions, and see you next time!