The Flash “The Nuclear Man” Review (Season 1 Episode 13)

With teases going all the way back to the pilot, The Flash finally took on Firestorm head on, with the fused form of Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein taking up the bulk of this week’s episode. And while there’s still plenty more material for “The Nuclear Man” to get wrapped up in down the road, this episode still did a great job of introducing us to the struggle of being Firestorm.

The show’s really handled this storyline well so far, building up the disappearance of Ronnie into a satisfying arc. Sure, for any DC Comics fan, it wasn’t hard to see a lot of these story beats and developments coming. However, given how often that’s the case with adapted material, it’s all in the execution, and I’ve enjoyed the way the show slowly introduced new elements of Firestorm each week.

Of course, it all would’ve fallen apart without a strong central performance from Robbie Amell. While he’s not yet had the chance to really settle in to the character, Amell turned in solid work, selling the idea that Robbie’s body was being controlled by Stein’s mind. It wasn’t perfect, but he did a good job capturing the character’s mannerisms and voice, while also selling the emotional reunions with both significant others.

Given how hard Cisco has worked to find Ronnie, it was a bit odd to not have him spend as much time in the A-plot this week. It was sort of funny just how taken aback he was to suddenly see Ronnie when he walked into Star Labs late in the hour. However, while he wasn’t present for the main action, he did get to help Joe take the investigation into the death of Barry’s mother to the next level. Again, knowing that time travel is almost an inevitability with The Flash, it wasn’t a surprise for the blood they discovered to actually belong to an adult Barry. More interesting was that the other speedster wasn’t Harrison; could Eddie be taking up the suit down the road?

It’s also worth noting that we got more of Linda Park this week, and she was an absolute delight. Given how scatterbrained Barry can be, Linda’s straightforward, forceful personality is exactly what he needs in his personal life. From the pepper challenge to Barry’s awkward stammering, the two make for a couple that’s easy to invest in, no matter how wounded and sad Iris looked.

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