Chasing Life “April Just Wants To Have Fun” Review (Season 1 Episode 15)

Chasing Life April Just Wants to Have Fun Episode 15 07

Judging by the end of last week’s Chasing Life episode and the previews that followed, we knew April and Beth would be experiencing some serious BF problems in this latest episode. April discovers that Beth and Natalie have been hanging out. This of course, causes her to feel threatened. It also didn’t help that Natalie casually tells April that she kissed Dominic.

The news didn’t have April laughing. Dominic makes it worse by declaring to April that he can kiss anyone he wants now. Ya, he’s definitely not over her! Instead of telling Beth how she feels, April decides to try and become the fun friend again, staying up late, making plans to go clubbing and throw parties. Her new party girl image comes to a crashing halt when she gets drunk at Beth and Natalie’s apartment warming party.

After a blow out in the hall, Beth tells April that her cancer does – for the most part- get in the way at times. Sting! The two eventually make up, like we knew they would, but there is still the whole Natalie/Dominic situation. Well Natalie says that nothing will come from that kiss, somehow I have a feeling that this whole thing isn’t over just yet.

And while April was dealing with her problems, Brenna was having issues of her own. Kim Kardashian issues! A meme showing Brenna breaking and entering had her feeling hopeless and alone. After a great talk with Sara and some much needed cake, Brenna reconnects with an old friend and cleverly gets even with Shelby. It was great!

This week we also saw Leo get a new job. After meeting Sara on a lunch date with April, Sara makes some observations that clearly motivate Leo into exploring his options. He gets a job at a coffeehouse and let’s just say his first day didn’t go to well. His vision goes blurry while trying to ring up a customer’s order. Is it fear, anxiety or a side effect from his cancer? It’s not too clear at this point, but when he goes back to April’s house he ends up talking with Sara again. The scene is cute, but has me questioning where their relationship is heading. Will he confide something to Sara that puts her in an uncomfortable position?

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