Castle “Resurrection” Review (Season 7 Episode 14)


This week’s Castle was like old times! After getting approval from the captain and some other high ups, Castle and Beckett were a professional team once again. The case – a two parter – involved the return of the cold and creepy plastic surgeon Dr. Kelly Niemen and a guy who closely resembled serial killer Jerry Tyson.

I love Beckett’s facial expressions towards this Niemen in this episode; the eye rolling, the cat and mouse game between the two. The pair surface when a young woman by the name of Susan Watts turns up dead. Strangely enough, Lanie feels like she knows the victim somehow. The gang also discovers in their search videotape footage that shows the victim alive after the time of her supposed death. The whole thing is eerily strange when compared to the average Castle case. The man who looks like Tyson claims to be someone else while Niemen claims to have done nothing wrong. Of course, we know both our guilty but Beckett and Castle’s investigation get tied up in red tape.

After some running around and piecing together what they can for evidence, the captain eventually clears the fake/real Tyson. Frustrating as this is, Tyson is let free, allowing him and Niemen to kidnap Beckett with the help of a syringe and a wheelchair to scoot her limp body out of there quick. We just got ‘Castle’ back and now Beckett is drugged up and being held hostage by two very dangerous psychopaths.

What did you think of this week’s episode of ‘Castle’? Another recycled storyline or are you just happy to see Castle and Beckett back at it again?