Girls “Cubbies” Review (Season 4 Episode 4)

Girls Cubbies Season 4 Episode 4 11

As weird as it’s been, one things season four of Girls has done is focus on the characters individually. There have been few shared storylines, and certainly fewer group scenes, and it’s helped to flesh out some of the lesser characters in preparation for Hannah’s triumphant return to New York.

And that return isn’t so much a victory as it is a choice to fail, as Hannah decides that the life of a writer forced to write might not be her thing after all. As the audience we always knew that Iowa wouldn’t be a huge part of Hannah’s story, mostly because she had to get back to the city at some point, but this was an interesting way to go. Her story has been about two things – her ambition and her relationship with Adam. No both might be gone.

Meanwhile, while Jessa still isn’t really doing anything of note, Shoshana finally got some closure on one of her own biggest failures/victories – Ray. Their breakup was a good moment for Shoshana in that it pushed her to realise that she’s worth more than the easy option, and it also made Ray look at himself a little closer. Both of those moments of growth come to fruition in this episode, as Shoshana pledges to be his “true and unyielding friend”.

Marnie, much like Jessa, is just doing her usual Marnie thing, relying on a guy to make her happy and disregarding the debris that piles up behind her. Desi has now broken up with his girlfriend and Marnie has been upgraded from mistress to something else, but I’m not so sure that it’s a positive thing. I thought she might turn him away at the end there, but her smile just showed how little things have changed for her when it comes to guys.

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