Togetherness “Houston We Have a Problem” Review (Season 1 Episode 4)

There are very few moments in Togetherness that fail to touch some unseen raw nerve in my brain. For all of its comedic moments, this show goes to some brutally uncomfortable places in its exploration of its two central relationships, and “Houston We Have a Problem” takes this to a whole new level.

I’ll start with the more lighthearted storyline of the week, if it can accurately be called that. At the opening, it felt as if Alex was being unnecessarily childish. It’s one thing to be upset that Tina found romance with someone else; that, I could understand. However, his decision to go along to Houston despite his feelings, just to ignore her and act so petty, seemed far too mean-spirited. Fortunately, once they arrived, he mellowed out a bit, actually finding a way to enjoy himself with Tina’s friends.

Of course, leave it Tina to prove how made for one another the two are, as her jealousy led to her doing all she could to sabotage Alex’s chance at an out-of-town fling. Again, this is where the show offered its strongest humor, as the two engaged in a lively dance-off of sorts, all set to the jaunty beat of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Once again, the show proved how successfully it uses music.

Things took a more serious turn at the stoplight, where Alex unloaded on Tina for ruining his chances. It was another spotlight of how messed up these characters both are, though I ultimately come down on the side of Tina in this whole thing. At the very least, her pettiness came out while she was drunk. For the most part, she’s been doing all she can to help Alex work on himself and his career. She just managed to find a romantic interest while doing it.

As serious as Alex and Tina got, they had nothing on Brett and Michelle. I’ve said it before, but this show knows how to craft a train wreck. Not only was the attempted sex between the couple awkward and uncomfortable on its own, but the proceeding fight was harsh, painful and uncompromising, giving both husband and wife a chance to voice their frustrations. However, unlike Alex and Tina, there wasn’t a clean apology to follow, and their marital problems will no doubt continue into the back half of the season.

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