Grimm “Marechaussee” Review (Season 4 Episode 12)

Grimm - Season 4

Wow Juliette knows how to hold her own, and protect Nick at the same time! This week’s episode of Grimm had Juliette woge out in an explosive way, letting us see a whole different side of her. Normally gentle, a wesen who put a hit out on Nick’s head forced Juliette to embrace her powers. The scene was epic as Juliette used the wesen’s own deadly weapon against him.

Prior to letting her hexenbeist out, Juliette was hoping Henrietta could help her return to her normal human self. After seeing how powerful Juliette’s blood is, the realization that there is no going back becomes clear. Seeing the blood burn a whole down through the floor was eye opening! One thing still questionable about the Juliette/wesen story line – why is Nick still not aware of his own wife’s powers?

As for the rest of the ‘Grimm’ crew, Wu has really stepped up. After only finding out about the wesen world, Wu has really become an asset to the team and the cases. It looks like his research is all paying off. This week’s case involved some shady fortune tellers who became victims of the beast, who was out for Nick. Wu was well aware of the monster/beast of the week and its origins. Monroe and Rosalee, back from their vacation, were also able to discover that the Maréchaussée was sent by the Council.

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