Helix “Densho” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

Helix - Season 2

On this week’s Helix, the abbey has a bee problem. The fungus virus takes flight on the orchard’s insects, which dramatically increases the chance for it to spread. The source of the disease remains elusive, but it’s clear someone on that island knows more than they’re sharing.

I like Helix and the story and concepts are interesting. But, the pace this season is killing me. There are so many layers of intrigue and they are all advancing way too slowly. I would like resolution of at least a couple of them. This is much like the problem that Orphan Black has. You throw out a lot of subplots in the beginning and wait until the very end of the season to solve them all. That’s unsatisfying because then it feels like you could just watch the first episode and the last couple of the season and be done.

For example, it’s been clear since the end of last season that Peter is not who he claims to be. This week, we see him talking with Ilaria about Alan’s presence on the island. We don’t know what Peter’s role is with Ilaria, why Ilaria is on the island and why Julia hooked up with it after Arctic Biosystems. These are the same questions Alan has, and I just don’t see why we need to learn the answers at the same time as Alan.

The Julia storyline is moving at a similarly glacial pace. We’re on episode 4 and here’s the summary of her storyline: Julia is sick with the virus, goes to the island, finds crazy Hatake, and escapes before he can kill her. There needs to be a point to the Hatake interaction other than bringing Hatake, Daniel and Jaye back for cameos. Right now, I’m not seeing the purpose of Julia’s trip to the cabin—or even the importance of her side story.

I only caught a glimpse of the preview for next week thanks to my DVR cutting out, but it looks like Michael is an immortal. This would not be surprising after his wall of women was revealed. He might not be the only one. There’s yet another twist when the oldest of Michael’s women says, “Where would we be if anything happened to mother?” So now for just the abbey story we have: (1) where did the disease come from; (2) why did they send Soren out to the diseased people; (3) why aren’t the diseased people outside the wall dead; (4) why were creepy Amy and the other women pulling people’s teeth out; (5) if Brother Michael is immortal, does he work for Ilaria; (6) are the three women planning to overthrow Michael; and (7) how was Soren cured. Add to that: (1) why does Peter work for Ilaria; (2) why does Julia work for Ilaria; (3) why did Ilaria send Peter to the island; (4) why is Alan on the island; (5) what made Hatake go nutso; (6) what did Julia expect to find on the island; (7) how did the disease spread to the immortals; and (8) who was the weird mask guy with the “Do you know the way to San Jose” line? There are too many unknowns and it’s becoming more frustrating than intriguing.

The couple of the good moments in the episode didn’t have anything to do with the main storylines. I liked the Andy Griffith music when Hatake goes fishing with Daniel. I also liked the bad ass fight between Julia and Hatake. I was surprised when she drove the axe into him. If he’s immortal, can’t that heal? It’s also interesting that Major Sergio Balleseros has reappeared and that he’s got a new role with Ilaria.

I know I’ve advocated an abortion for Sarah, but the woman stabbing her in the stomach was kind of lame. It felt like that woman went from serene to murderous way too quickly. But, I guess if that solves the baby story, it’s ok. I also couldn’t figure out why Kyle would go walking through bee-ville with no protection. I’ve tried it before – you can’t walk nonchalantly past a swarm of bees and expect them not to sting you. If he suspected that they were transmitting the disease, why would he have gone out there without at least some beekeeper garb?

It looks like Alan knows that something is up with Peter. Hopefully, we’ll get details on Peter’s true agenda next week. It’s time to at least give us some answers.