Hart of Dixie “Bar-Be-Q Burritos” Review (Season 4 Episode 5)

Hart Of Dixie Bar-Be-Q Burritos Season 4 Episode 5 05

There’s an issue on ensemble shows like Hart of Dixie that, when things start to wrap up as they are here, there’s pressure to pair everyone off. It’s the happy ending complex beat into us by fairytales – a character will not be fulfilled if they do not end up with a significant other but, what happens when you’re left with two random people that have barely interacted?

AB and George are those two people who, although have a long history on paper, have no established relationship on screen. The unenviable job of this episode, then, was to find a way of pitching the idea of an Anna-Beth/George romance both to the audience and the characters without making it feel forced or awkward.

And I dare say it did a good job. The initial ridiculousness and convenience of the idea was inhabited by Lemon, who viewed the matchmaking as both a way to distract herself from her own singledom and a way to engineer a guilt-free union with Lavon once AB was loved up with George.

This was the best way to both reveal Lemon’s feelings and to distance AB from the love triangle, as anything else would have probably meant Lemon and AB’s friendship was irrevocably damaged. Her scheme wasn’t malicious in any way, and her intentions didn’t even seem clear to her when she saw the supposed spark between her two friends.

The downside to all of this is that I hate, hate, hate Lemon and Lavon’s dynamic. Conversely, now, I find myself kind of rooting for AB and George, as well as for Anna-Beth to get her dream of going to nursing school. The whole point of Zoe and George’s connection in season one was that they were both bigger than the town they chose to live in, and sending AB off to better herself would fit into that space quite nicely.

This was a relatively Zoe-lite episode of the show, which should be expected given Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy, but I liked the idea of her and Wade working together to solve money worries. We got to see Wade being patient and supportive of Zoe’s mood swings and meltdowns, and also his dedication to making their lives as smooth as possible ahead of their new arrival.

I even quite like the idea of them staying at Lavon’s while they work things out, despite the weird, sad light it paints Lavon in. What guy approaching 40 is desperate for his two housemates to stay with him despite an impending family? The sentiment is kinda nice, but not if you think about it too hard. I just hope we get to see that situation before the show ends, because I bet it’ll be hilarious.

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