Banshee “Tribal” Review (Season 3 Episode 5)

It’s definitely going to take some time for us to get over this episode of Banshee. In my video review, I discuss Siobhan’s tragic fate, Kirk Bunker’s heart to heart with Alison, Proctor’s loss and more.

Of course let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below or on YouTube.

Banshee season 3 episode 5 “Tribal” airs Friday, February 6th at 10:00pm on Cinemax. In tonight’s episode, all hell breaks loose as Chayton (Geno Segers) and an army of Redbones invade Banshee, looking to avenge the Tommy’s death at the hands of Raven (Chaske Spencer), the Kinaho tribesman-turned-deputy. Holed up in the Cadi with Lucas (Antony Starr) and his deputies, Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) is frustrated by his inability to attend to his ailing mother at home. As the assault reaches a fever pitch, Bunker (Tom Pelphrey) tries to prove to Medding (Afton Williamson) that he’s not the man he used to be.

Show Summary: Executive produced by Jonathan Tropper, David Schickler, Peter Macdissi, Alan Ball and Greg Yaitanes, the primetime action series stars Antony Starr (“Rush”) as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pa., where he continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier

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