Shameless “A Night to Remem-Wait, What?” Review (Season 5 Episode 4)

Shameless A Night To Remem Wait What Season 5 Episode 4 07

Fiona Gallagher cannot function without chaos. She can’t be stable – she thrives on unpredictability. That’s why her getting married to a guy she had only just started seeing in this week’s Shameless was exciting, it was something she wasn’t meant to be doing, but equally something that felt right.

As soon as the normality set in, however, and she had to deal with her actions, that’s when it became something she isn’t capable of uniting with her actual life. Season one of Shameless was about Fiona overcoming her issues with trust and commitment with Jimmy, a guy that refused to give up until he had broken down her walls. When he left, her walls went straight back up, and she’s been a mess ever since.

Now, she’s mistaken going through the motions of love and devotion with real, deep feelings, and that’s landed her with a husband she barely knows and a situation that’s not good for anyone in her life. Plus, Jimmy’s coming back at some point, so that should be interesting.

As is fitting, just as Fiona’s life is spinning out of control, Lip’s is stabilising. His dalliance with Mandy last week appears to be a non-issue when it comes to Amanda – which is a relief – and, rather than throw him out the door and demand their ten grand back, Lip’s sorta kinda girlfriend’s family recognise him for his positives as well as his negatives. They’re under no misconceptions about his unsuitability, but also see his potential.

Another relief after the comparative depravity of the previous episode is the rehabilitation of Debbie’s character, with the same girl who last week was so desperate to lose her virginity that she took advantage of an unconscious Matty, this week finding purpose in both a new guy and a new hobby. I’m excited to see where this goes.

There are obvious comparisons between Fiona and Ian’s actions this season and last but, while I believe Fiona is acting out consciously, Ian is clearly just spiralling out of control. The saddest thing is Mickey’s slow realisation – the reality of how sick Ian is finally setting in. He was so adamant that they could survive without outside help in last year’s finale, but we all knew this would happen, and it’s going to be heartbreaking.

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