Helix “Scion” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)


There were lots of familiar faces in this week’s Helix! In the beginning of the episode, we find Dr. Hiroshi Hatake rocking some metal band hair in a cabin in the woods-and he’s not exactly alone. His son, Daniel, and Julia’s mother, Jaye, are keeping him company. It might be a happy tableau if Jaye and Daniel weren’t both dead. That tells us all we need to know about Hatake’s mental health.


In Jonestown 2.0, the CDC team is coming up against roadblock after roadblock. But, it looks like there are cracks forming within the cult itself. Creepy Amy and Anne have some kind of alliance that does not include Brother Michael. I can’t say I feel too sorry for Michael. When he’s groping Anne, you kind of wish that he gets what’s coming to him.

Speaking of hands, and I’d almost rather not, can we all agree that Amy is just gross? Evidently, she never learned about personal boundaries. After trying to seduce Dr. Sommer, this week Amy puts her hands to work in order to get the resident goon, Landry, to do her bidding. She’s looking for allies in the upcoming coup against Michael. Amy is psychotic and willing to go to extremes to hide whatever is going on in the subterranean levels of the abbey. In a shocking turn, she has Landry poison the children with a drug that makes them turn into The Children of the Corn. This almost has a tragic turn for Dr. Sommer.


I was a bit worried when Dr. Sommer was surrounded by the children and violently stoned. I thought this could very well be the end for him. Fortunately, he survives and is able to tell the team what he saw. I doubt Amy anticipated that. I like Dr. Sommer, but I worry that him being a new addition to the group makes him a marked man. It was a pretty harsh beat down, but it’s good he made it through.

The biggest mystery in this episode is the relationship between Peter and Alan. Peter is upset that Alan killed innocent people when he bombed the Ilaria building in Paris. Of course, that can’t be the whole story. When Sarah tells Peter that Alan is at the abbey and Peter says he wants to talk to him alone. That’s a big red flag that there is something up between them. When Peter knocks Alan out, I couldn’t decide if he was trying to protect Alan from himself (because Alan’s snooping isn’t exactly subtle), or if he has a more hostile motive towards his brother.

Now, back to Hatake. He’s glad to see Julia, but ghost Daniel and Jaye don’t want him to trust her. So, he drugs her to get honest answers to his questions. Julia tells him she’s on the island because the immortals are dying and that she works for Ilaria. Hatake seems to accept this all pretty well and brings his tied-up daughter to the dinner table. Somehow, Hatake managed to get the corpses of Jaye and headless Daniel out of the Arctic Biosystem and pose them around the table. I have mixed feelings on this. The shock effect is good and the corpses are gross. But, how did he manage to get them out and preserve them for such a long period of time? Hatake and Julia are in the future, so these corpses have been hanging around for a while. This was probably an unnecessary addition. The ghosts were good enough to communicate that Hatake has lost it.


As for some of the more peripheral issues…It’s clear that whatever insanity Hatake is suffering from must also infect Sarah. That’s the only explanation for why she would endure a year and half of daily morning sickness. If that thing isn’t going to grow, it’s time to get it out. I’m also still baffled by the Ilaria relationship. I think we need some clarification as to who is working with the group and what its agenda is on the island.